There has never been peace in Middle East after the Ottoman

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MPL TV, November 21- 2008

Adnan Oktar: NEED OF A NEW OTTOMAN, A MODERN OTTOMAN OF THE WORLD IS LIKE A NEED OF WATER OF HUMAN. I mean Turkish-Islamic Union, a great Turkish-Islamic Union in the leadership of Turkey, with the support of Turkish countries.
This is like world turns to life in Paradise. It means world becomes very wealthy in every way. Europe, America, Russia and China... Because all the oil and mines of the all Islamic countries, all Turkish countries will flow to these countries. And they will improve their trade by the technical equipments and technical services which will be bought from them. They will come to establish hospitals, they will build facilities and roads. We will go to make beneficial business in their working places and in their other suitable places to work. We will make beneficial works. There will be a mutual trade of technology, science, art. Terror will suddenly come to an end. It will stop at the root and and stop definately. There won’t be any issue as to spend for terror. As there will be tranquility and stability too as a result of this, abudance and wealth will be like rain as explained in the accounts. There will be a marvellous relief. Our era is Ottoman era. Turkishness era. Turkish Islamic Union era. Era of social justice, virtue of Islam to prevail. We will see all of these in the 10-15 years ahead insha’Allah.



Zaman, April 9-2010

2010-06-02 07:45:38

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