Luca Steinmann Talks about the Ideal Education That Should Be Given

Presenter: As a journalist who carried out good projects aiming at spreading goodness and peace in the world, what do you think is the ideal education that should be given to the young people?


Luca Steinmann: Well, also a deep question. First of all as I said before, in Syria as in the Middle East people and institutions are looking for someone that can provide a new kind of education based on respect and human rights, of course, but also on common values. We have to find and educate to the common values that can compose a society and that can form a society. We have to remember that we are not just individuals. Of course there is an individual dimension but we have also to know that we are the sons of our history and (that is what) the society in which we live is the consequence of something that has happened before.  So first of all I think, we have to know our history, we have to know our roots, we have to know who we are and teach it to the new generation and study and teach this to ourselves as well in order to know and to define which are our goals, where we want to go. And when we will have our goals defined, then at that point we can really see if we can corporate all together, all the different communities, all the different faiths and rich common goals.  And I am sure this can be done. It is difficult but it has to be done.   

2017-09-04 18:11:31
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