Muslims want the Turkish-Islamic Union

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Ekin TV, 5 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: This has just been brought to the agenda. For example, I see on television that meetings about Palestine are being organized. For example, I’m waiting for a large poster, a huge poster made out of cloth. “The only solution is the Turkish-Islamic Union, let’s unite now. What are we waiting for; we are all brothers, why are we not uniting?” This would mean a stop to all. To write that down is like a prayer to Allah, Allah would accept this prayer. This prayer should be told everywhere, the Turkish-Islamic Unions should be demanded everywhere. They should pray like, “Oh our Lord, put away our disunity, unite us, let us find Hazrat Mahdi (as), send the Prophet Jesus (as), don’t separate us from one another.” And they can also state this in writings, on posters and with slogans, of course legally, I mean meetings organized by getting consent from the government, not illegal meetings of course. When this is done, look you will see, there will be a miracle. Allah will unite the whole Muslim community. It is satan that makes people say “this cannot be done

Kackar TV, 8 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: If they want to dismay atheist zionists and masons, and to discourage them from this evilness, craziness and oppressiveness, they shall write “the Turkish-Islamic Union is coming” on huge posters. They shall say, we want the Turkish-Islamic Union, may Allah grant us the Turkish-Islamic Union. Even the smell of this would crush them, the smell of it. Let alone establishing it, its reputation is enough. They should keep this on their agenda persistently, but there is no need to sorrow, no need to cry; there is no crying for martyr, no getting sad for martyr. We rejoice for martyr as they are people of the Garden; in other words it is inappropriate a Muslim.


Kaçkar TV, 12 February 2009

Presenter:  Allah says in the 72nd verse of Surat an-Nisa’, among you there are people who hang back. The person asks; “Can you give some examples of hanging back?”

Adnan Oktar: It can be about anything. For example, Israel kills people in Palestine. They come and tell the man such and such. He says, “I will think about it. We should first gather our authorized institutes, he says. When can we gather them? “In one month, he says. The next month comes and he says, we could not decide yet. We should first consult our authorized institutes again, he says. So there are many slow and tactless processes like this that lead to Muslims’ grievance, people know. A person becomes pressed thinking about how someone could do that, why someone doesn’t get excited. A person becomes surprised thinking why someone doesn’t act quickly. I’m surprised as well. The Turkish-Islamic Union should be established right away. However, there are many people who move slowly. I’m telling, open up posters saying “We want the Turkish Islamic Union”, I’m telling that it will be realized for sure. I’m saying, follow my advice. There is something I know. Some do and some don’t. However, masha’Allah, Aydınlar Ocağı (the Intellectuals Organization) said, the Turkish-Islamic Union is a must for the bloodshed to stop. Well done to them, masha’Allah, I congratulate them. Look this is just the word I’m looking for. The Turkish-Islamic Union is a must for the bloodshed to stop, General Presidency of Samsun Aydınlar Organization. I congratulate our brothers there.


Başkent TV, 13 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: There is no other way. If a person can’t lift something with his two fingers, then he holds with his two hands and lifts it up. They continuously try to force it with their two fingers. Let’s send band-aid to Palestine, let’s send medicine that stops bleeding, let’s send blood, let’ send blood serum… My brother, what about there is no bloodshed so you don’t have to send blood? What about there is no wound so you don’t have to send band-aid? Let’s establish the Turkish-Islamic Union; there would be no murders, no oppression, and no need for those. Some people have such an understanding of heroism. Let’s send lots and lots of doctors there. Why send doctors? Let’s send people who will defend the Turkish-Islamic Union, let’s establish the Turkish-Islamic Union. No, if something happened, it’s then another thing; if there is bloodshed, we will of course send doctors and everything. However, when it is possible to avoid this, not doing anything about avoiding this and making preparations about other stuff… For example, there are foundations, institutions, individuals, they always recite this; “They are in very poor conditions, we should send medical dressing to them. Let’s send medicine, let’s send Novalgine. Let’s send narcotic drugs to ease the pain.” My brother, what about they don’t get hurt, we should change the system, establish the Turkish-Islamic Union, save both Israel, the religious people there and Christians and Muslims? What happens if you say this? “I want the Turkish-Islamic Union.” That’s it, he will only say this. Would you lip fall off, would you die when you say this, what is there in this statement? I want the Turkish-Islamic Union, that’s all. Write it down, write it down as a poster and say it as a slogan. But only if it is legal, if you get consent to organize it. Write a petition. The Turkish-Islamic Union is a must, the Turkish-Islamic Union should be established right away; many things could be said. Allah will do this, it is in our destiny. We just have to hold on to reason. Now, if I don’t intend to reach my hand, I can’t touch the glass here. Right? Allah gives it when intended. When it is demanded; intending is prayer. So we will intend for Allah to give it to us insha’Allah. There is need to intend on a large scale, to demand it. But even if everyone sleeps, the Turkish-Islamic Union will still happen.

After Mr. Adnan Oktar’s calls for the Turkish-Islamic Union, our brothers in Turkey and all over the world prepared posters demanding the Islamic world to unite. 31 March 2010

İstanbul Levent



In the meeting organized in France, Muslims held posters for “The Only Solution is the Turkish-Islamic Union.”

İstanbul Taksim

2010-06-09 03:03:06
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