The interest of the Islamic world is on Turkey

Ciragan Iftar Meeting -  October 16- 2008

Adnan Oktar: When Turkey assumes the role of an elder brother in that geography, there will be noone, including, Shiah, Jaferis, Saudis, Iranians, who will not accept Turkey as an elder brother. For example; when Mr. Ahmedinejad came here [Istanbul], he prayed behind a Sunni imam, in a Sunni mosque. What does that mean? It means, if you become the leader, I will accept it. The message is obvious. He has also said “I”; “I gave a political message”  he said. “ I gave a crucial political message”, he said. What else would he say? Hezbollah would accept and everybody would accept this either. There is noone in this geography who will not accept the leadership of Turkey. Because Turkey is eminently a moderate, affectionate, reasonable country. The people of Turkey are very esteemed and courteous, they are eminently cultivated, have manners. As you know it is a country that took the lead for many years. It has had the experience since the Ottoman period. Turkey will appear as the brother of all the Islamic and Turkish countries. Everybody will see this. I am also telling this clearly, I will put a signature under this word of mine ten years later InshaAllah.


Adana CRT TV - September 30- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkey is on a very auspicious, agreeable way; it is getting more and more pure, settling down, becoming strong, gaining health. It is purified from tumours, the cancerous cells are removed, it got over the recuperation period; Turkey is a robust, brave adolescent now. Turkey will be the leader of all the Middle East, Balkans, all the Islamic World and the Turkish World InshaAllah. The Turkish Islamic World will unite, a great Turkish Islamic Union will be constituted, Turkey will take the lead of it, it will assume the role of an elder brother, it will be the third power of the world, it will be an element of balance apart from Russia and America and it will bring an age of peace and salvation to the world Insha’Allah.

Vakit - February 18- 2010

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