Iran told us to be the ''Peacekeeper''

Associated Press of Pakistan -  September 6- 2008 

Adnan Oktar: If we take  a brick  nothing will happen; even if we take the second brick nothing will happen. But; if we band together all of the bricks, parget them, decorate them, and cover  them with hardwood, we would make a palace. Now, the Islamic World is like that, it is disorganized and there are full of bricks. As it is like that;  the art, civilization, beauty, aesthetic, and wisdom don’t emerge. When we unite and be together, act collectively, the beauty would emerge. That’s why this unity should be advocated formally and instantly among the Islamic countries… There is nobody to be the peacekeeper in the area. I mean, there is a reasonable mind, isn’t there? There is a consistent mind, the most reasonable decisions are taken, the most cosistent results are achieved –  decisions can be taken in favor of and for the benefit of both sides. However, it doesn’t happen like that; decisions are taken out of countenance of the both sides. Both sides are disturbed at the end and such disorder emerge at last. The Turkish - Islamic Union will be the elder brother of the area and the world. This is a spiritual sacrifice system, not a self-interest system.  

Gulf Today – November 2- 2008 

Adnan Oktar: This is a mission that has been undertaken by Turkey since past times . We saw this during the rule of the all governments. Turkey always undertakes the leadership of the Turkish – Islamic World virtually.Turkey evokes this everywhere.Turkey always shows the mission of brotherhood implicitly or explicitly in anywhere. TURKEY STEPS IN ALL KINDS OF DISAGREEMENT. For instance; Turkey stepped in, in the formation of the confederation of Caucasia. When there is a disagreement between the other countries Turkey has the position of being the “peacekeeper”. Not only in the Natural Gas Pipe Line Project but also in the Petrol Pipe Line Project and in all other projects Turkey’s leadership is seen very clearly. Moreover; Turkey does it virtually now without doing any official explanation , and Turkey continues to do this and develops.

Radikal, 26 Şubat 2009

In the statements that he made to the English The Guardian newspaper; The President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that, Iran wants help from Turkey to repair the alliance between Iran and USA, and he explained that, he conveyed this request to the former USA President Bush and said “ We are ready to this”. 

The newspaper wrote those; “ The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated to The Guardian that; as a probable prelude to the reunion of Iran and USA;  he explained that he wants  help from Turkey about breaking the thirty years of conflict between Iran and USA.”

Sabah – February, 26- 2009

Prime minister: Iran told us to be the “Peacekeeper”

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