Turkey will be a super power

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 Çay TV, July 23rd, 2008 

Adnan Oktar: Everyone should sincerely believe that Turkey is really on the right path, and will be a Super State. Turkey will be a very big state in a degree that has never happened in its history. It will be the leader of Turkish-Islamic nation. We are at the beginning of this historical mission. And, the Turkish nation is a nation that will rescue whole world from anarchy, terror, boredom and every kind of pain. This nation is a noble, dignified nation that has grown up with pain, and this nation has a soul that tends to govern this world to be useful for it. It seems that Allah has given this task to this nation, Insha'Allah. We will see this happening in a near future Insha'Allah.

Haberturk, 8 January2010

Turkey will be a Super Power 

Joshua Walker, from the Transatlantic Academy Thought Center-USA, has said that Turkey will be a "Super Power" in the next 10 years. Walter spoke in the conference of The Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) and stated that Turkey's most visible change seems in the relationship between the civil and the army, moreover, the project of the "Democratic Development" is a "big historical step that tear down the taboos that would not be able to be spoken publicly at the intellectual level 10 years ago." Walter also stated that AK Party is the most reformist government of the history of Turkey, and they are acting towards the favor of the state, " All of these progress means that; In 10 years, Turkey will be a Super State in between regions."

2010-07-08 22:16:54

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