Islamic countries have to unite their strengths

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Ekin TV, 12 February 2009

Adnan Oktar: Actually this is a religious duty; the Turkish-Islamic Union is a religious duty. And the division of Muslims is unlawful and uniting is a religious duty. For example, why would we break up from Azerbaijan, from Turkestan, FROM SYRIA, FROM IRAQ?... There is a master of everything right, for example, there is a specialist mixing the dough and there is the hammersmith for iron. There is a master of leadership. This is the Turkish people. Turkey is the leader country in the Turkish-Islamic world. And the leader always has to take up his position openly. If there is a search for a leader, then this is a mischief, leads to conflict. However the leader is out in the open and this is Turkey’s right. We have the Holy relics. We have the experience. Praise be to Allah, we have a very God-fearing, educated and great, clear-sighted staff. We are a very reasonable nation. We are a conservative, merciful, compassionate, enduring nation, and we enjoy service and people’s happiness. Still wherever we go to, if you pay attention, we strive for peace and reunification. They call for us wherever we go and ask for peacemaking. For example, Israel calls for us, SYRIA COMES AND CALLS FOR US, ALGERIA COMES AND CALLS FOR US. WHY DO THEY CALL US? Because they know that we are the natural leader. Of course then we will say that Turkey should be the head. Turkey should be the leader. Turkic states have been artificially divided. We are a family, and this is family job. Do something about it as a family, do something about the Turkish-Islamic Union. Of course, we will unite with the Turkish realm, with our brothers, with our family, and embrace our family in this grand Islamic realm and protect them.

Turkiye, 16 June 2010

Mr. Huseyin Aksu’s article dated June 16, 2010:

“This situation has to change, Islamic countries should spend their wealth for their country’s education, educated human source, technology and development, and not direct it to western banks. The hostility among Islamic countries should completely end, there should be cooperation and interdepence. This can be achieved in the leadership of Turkey, due to its heritage and experience. The latest events may be the glad tidings of this development.”

2010-07-11 23:48:45

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