They brought the house down when ''Turkey'' mentioned

What He Said?What Happened?

Baskent TV, 13 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: It has given order to three continents and has experience. It has state experience and empire experience. We want to bring this experience out again, and rule the region as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union and everyone want this. The Syrians want this, Iraqis want this, Egypt wants this, Iran wants this and even Armenia wants this, Azerbaijan wants this, Turkestan wants this, East Turkestan wants this, everyone does. So everyone trusts in the justice, reason and self sacrifice of the Turks and Turkish soldiers are loved everywhere.

Konya TV; 29 February 2008

Adnan Oktar: Yes it is a very courageous nation. Therefore they should fulfill this responsibility as soon as possible. THE TURKISH ISLAMIC WORLD IS BEGGING FOR THE LEADERSHIP OF THE TURKISH ISLAMIC REGION. We had meetings with all of the Turkic states. Almost all of them want Turkey’s leadership. WE HOLD MEETINGS WITH THE LEADING PEOPLE OF THE WHOLE ISLAMIC REALM AND GATHER INFORMATION FROM THEM. THEY ALL WANT TURKEY’S LEADERSHIP IN THE SAME WAY. There is no need to prolong this process. The Turkish nation, Turkish people have to the leader of the Turkish Islamic realm. This is a vital duty. Otherwise we would be responsible for all.

Zaman, 03 June 2010

In the speech made by Abbas where he stated his complacence towards the attitude shown by Turkey, the attendees in the hall applauded for minutes since the moment when the name of “Turkey” is mentioned.

2010-07-12 00:07:24

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