Lessons for endurance by shrimps

The brine shrimp (Artemia) maintains its life only in natural salt lakes or human-made salterns. This environment with high rates of salt where only some red bacteria and a type of unicellular algae can live protects it against enemies. However, this environment cannot protect it against flamingos. You can see the brine shrimp or its relatives in everywhere that you see flamingos.

Artemia, which does not have any defense organ, easily falls prey to flamingos. Even though the living being seems to be defenseless at first sight, it is actually not so. Allah created a perfect system for these living beings to spread and reproduce.


Artemia’s flawless reproductive strategy

The eggs of artemias are covered with a very thick and flexible layer. Even if a mature artemia is eaten by a flamingo, flamingos are not able to digest the artemias in the egg sac. So the eggs can be carried to all the suitable locations on the migration paths of flamingos.

Artemias need flamingos since the very first day of their Creation. Because the artemia has neither the necessary waiting time process to develop its eggshell nor the amount of time needed to explore the flamingos. The diet of flamingos and the reproductory mechanisms of artemias are all created together in a single moment.

Eggs designed to endure even the most difficult conditions

Artemia normally maintains its active life in the santern at a degree of 6-35°C. However, most of the time the weather in santerns can be colder or hotter than this temperature range. So, how can artemias maintain their lives in the santerns under these variable conditions?

Mature shrimps begin to form their thick-walled, winter eggs beginning from the last days of autumn. These eggs can go through even the most severe winter periods. This is because the eggs miraculously produce a glycerin that acts as natural antifreeze in their bodies. The winter eggs can endure both cold temperatures at -273°C and hot temperatures at +100° C. (Harun Yahya, the Micro World Miracle)

These characteristics of eggs have ensured that artemias maintain their species to our day.

Artemia synthesizing hemoglobin by changing oxygen levels

Mammals and generally vertebrates choke to death when they stay in an environment with low oxygen levels. However, artemias do not have such problems. They can solve this problem through a special mechanism created in their bodily systems:

Artemia can maintain its life in extremely hot and salty waters where dissolved oxygen levels in water is very low and even on crystallized salt stacks, by its ability to regulate the density of hemoglobin (a molecule that carries oxygen in our blood veins like a truck) in blood. This mechanism is based on its ability to synthesize low levels of hemoglobin in densities of high dissolved oxygen and to synthesize high levels of hemoglobin in environments with low oxygen. This living being with these formidable characteristics does not have intelligence. It is surely impossible to claim that artemia has explored the glycerin that enables it to endure temperatures lower than 6oC or has designed the system to adjust the hemoglobin density and placed it in its body.

The only explanation to make about these characteristics of artemias is that Allah created this living being. Our Lord Who is the Owner of Everything and Who created everything as He wills, created these beings with different features. By this means, artemias are able to maintain their lives even in the most difficult conditions.

We have made it an Arabic Qur’an so that hopefully you will use your intellect. It is in the Source Book with Us, high-exalted, full of wisdom. (Surat az-Zukhruf, 3-4)


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