We are the descendants of the Ottoman

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Başkent TV - February 13- 2009

Adnan Oktar: Our Prophet (pbuh) was Arabian. Arabian people are our nearest and dearest. They are sons of Ismail, the decendants of Prophet Ismail (as). It is a blessed generation. We cannot consider the contrary. Arabic people also admire Turkish people. Now, all Arabic countries know that Turks are the leader. This is the destiny. We have the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) entrusted the whole Islamic world to the Turks. There are many Hadiths about that. He (our Prophet) (saas) said; the red flags will appear first. The red flags are the Turkish flags. He said that the red flags will unite with the green ones. We will constitute the Turkish Islamic Union with flags of the Islamic world and the red ones, InshaAllah… This is already an inevitable destiny. Within the scope of Turkish Islamic Union;  The Arabs, Iranians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, -I mean any of them-  Georgia, Lithuania, they are all our dearest, our  brothers, our soul. We will embrace them all with compassion, we will assure the security of their life and property, we will make them all rich, we will relieve them both materially and morally. That is a destiny. On the next step; we will involve Russia in the Turkish-Islamic Union, Insha’Allah. We will constitute the greatest super state of the world.

Milliyet, June 11- 2010

MUSA AMHAMAD KUSA, THE TERM CHAIRMAN OF ARABIC UNION: We are the descendants of the Ottoman

The term chairman of Arabic Union and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya Musa Emhemed Kusa delivered a speech in the joint press conference held at the end of the meeting. In his speech he told that in the past, the Ottoman Empire stepped in and cleaned up the region from invaders when Spain marched to invade through the north of Africa. Kusa stated: “Unless there hadn’t been a Turkish intervention at the time; there wouldn’t be any Arabic country in North Africa today. Thanks to the rescue operation leaded by Captain Turgut Reis, we regained our freedom. There are many similar examples. Between the Turkish and Arabic people, there is a union of blood. Today, the role of Turkey should not be found strange. OUR SEPERATION IS IMPOSSIBLE. We lived a history of which we are honoured together;  we are their decendants.”

2010-07-28 00:21:58

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