Threshold of Physical Existence: Quarks

The superior Creation inside the mechanisms of protons and neutrons which are inside the atoms, the basis of cells and the quarks inside these is such as to amaze everyone, believer or not.

Air, water, mountains, animals, plants, your body, the chair you sit in short everything you see, touch and feel, from the heaviest to the lightest is made up of atoms.

Every page of the magazine you hold in your hand consists of atoms. Atoms are such small particles that it is impossible to see one even with a microscope. The diameter of an atom is only one in a million of a millimeter.

It is not possible for a human being to visualize this smallness. So we can try to explain it with an example:

Think that you have a key in your hand. No doubt, it is not possible to see the atoms inside this key. If you say that you want to see the atoms, you have to maximize the key to the size of the Earth. If the key in your hand is maximized to the size of the Earth, only then each atom inside it reaches the size of a cherry so that you can see them.

Let’s give one more example to comprehend this smallness and to see how everywhere is full of atoms:

Let’s think that we want to count all the atoms of a single grain of salt. And assume that we are fast enough to count one billion ( per second. Despite this remarkable ability, we would require more than five hundred years in order to determine the number of atoms inside it.

So what is inside such a small structure?

Even though it is such small, inside the atom there is a perfect, unique and complex system that can be compared to the system in the universe.

Every atom is composed of a nucleus and electrons that turn around the orbits far away from the nucleus. There are also particles called protons and neutron inside the nucleus.

Perfect Structure of Quarks

Until 20 years ago, it was supposed that protons and neutrons are the smallest particles that form the atom. However, at a very near date, it was discovered that there are smaller particles that form these particles inside the atom.

Following this discovery, a field of physics called “particle physics”, which explores the sub-particles inside the atom and their movements, came up. The research done by particle physics has brought about this: The protons and neutrons that make up the atom are composed of smaller particles called “quark.”

The size of the quarks that compose the proton, which is far smaller than the human mind can comprehend, is even more astonishing: 10–18 meters. (0,000000000000000001)

Quarks inside the proton cannot be drawn away from one another so much; because the “strong nuclear power” that hold the small particles inside the nucleus together takes affect here as well. This power acts like an elastic band between quarks. When the quarks draw apart this power grows and two quarks can only drift 1 meter away from one another at the most. These elastic bands between the quarks are formed as a result of gluons that carry the strong nuclear power. The quarks and gluons are in strong communication with one another. But scientists have not yet discovered how this communication takes place. (Harun Yahya, Miracle in the Atom)

Several researches are being done in the field of “particle physics” in order to illuminate the world of particles. But mankind can only recently discover this substance that forms everything in spite of all the intelligence, consciousness and knowledge he has. Moreover, as he goes further inside this substance, he becomes stuck at the 10–18 m threshold of this particle. So what is under this threshold?

Today, scientists suggest various arguments about this subject, but as we have mentioned above, this threshold is the final point of the physical universe. Everything that will be found under this can only be expressed with energy, not with matter. The real important point is that in this place where human beings have just came to discover, vast balances and physical laws work like a clock. In addition this place is the inside of the atom that is the building stone of all matter and human beings.

People are just recently aware of this perfect mechanism that work every second in the organs and systems of the body. The mechanisms of the cells that make up these systems have been discovered in the last ten years.  The superior creation inside the mechanisms of protons and neutrons inside the atoms of cells and the quarks inside these is such as to amaze everyone, believer or not. The most important subject to think about here is that this perfect mechanism works smoothly without any interference by and out of the control of a human being, every second of his life. It is an explicit fact for people with intelligence and conscience that all these are created by Allah Who has superior power and knowledge and controlled by Allah. It is revealed in the verse:

“Everyone in the Heavens and earth requests His aid. Every day He is engaged in some affair. So which of your Lord’s blessings do you both then deny?” (Surat Ar-Rahman, 29-30)


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