A new world order by Turkey's ''Leadership''

Başkent TV - February 27- 2009

Adnan Oktar:This is not something that one can argue about. We have been taking the lead for seven hundered years.  After a temporary term, our leadership has remained with us in the spiritual sense. It stil remains with us in the spiritual sense. We are still the leader. I mean, we are the children, the decendants of the Ottoman. And we ruled this region very well. And everyone is accustomed to this. In the sermons of many foreign countries, they still recall Sultan Abdulhamit. Turkey’s leadership is already not something in discussion... In other words; if you we ask Saudi Arabia to take the lead, even if we ask them kindly; they cannot take the lead in any case, they will not be willing to. The leader is Turkey. We have an experience of six or seven hundred years. This topic is already closed. This has been temporary. I mean, all right  the caliphate is removed. This is true.  The emperorship ended. This is also true.  But its intengible heritage remained with us. Its moral strength remained with us. We will carry this on InshaAllah... This will carry on with Turkey’s leadership... I mean none of the countries has neither the staff nor the talent, the desire or demand to become a leader. We are the only one demanding this in every aspect as the one having staff, qualified units, intellectuals, army, military, technology and culture along with an experience of six hundred – seven hundred years.There is no one else to do it. And this is what we are doing actively, right now. We are in Afghanistan, in some other place, we are everywhere.That’s to say; when an incident occurs in Palestine, they ask Turkey to take the lead.

MPL TV - November, 21- 2008

Adnan Oktar:THE FACT THAT THE WORLD NEEDS A NEW, A MODERN OTTOMAN IS SIMILAR TO A MAN’S NEED FOR WATER... I mean; Turkish-Islamic Union, a Great Turkish Islamic Union within Turkey’s leadership and with the support of Turkish countries… This means this world’s going back to a world of Heaven, merely. This means a great economic wealth as all oil and mine resources in Europe, America, Russia, China and the whole Islamic countries and Turkish countries will be directed to these countries. And they will be improving their business thanks to the technical devices and facilities they would attain from them. They will come to build hospitals, facilities, roads. We’ll be visiting them in their offices and make some beneficial activities and studies in the other suitable research places. There will be an exchange of technology, science and art. Terror will also come to an end suddenly. It will end forever definitely. No expense will be made on Terror. The result will be peace and stability, blessing and prosperity will pour down like rain, as it was descibed in the accounts. There will be splendid comfort. The age is the age of the Ottoman. It is the age of Turkishness. The age is the age of Turkish Islamic Union. It is the age of the dominance of the social justice and moral perfection. We’ll be seeing all these within the next 10-15 years, Insha’Allah.

Yeni Şafak  June 14- 2010

An Excerpt from the Column of Yusuf Kaplan:

 That's why, this poor, pathetic intelligencia suffering from a blind mind and intellectual imperialism, that cannot see that we are a world actor from Asia to Europe in the last two thousand years of the world history , that we are a world actor having a key role in forming the world history along with the Germans, Arabs and Persians in the last thousand years, that we are also a world actor shaping the world history with Germans, Britons, French and Russians  in the last five hundred years; that we have the keys to the order of peace and conciliation, which do possess the historical depth and cultural wealth that will restore the Ottoman’s principals of justice, morality and aesthetics reshaping the world’s future. - from the point of view suggested by the compass metaphor-  cannot comprehend its horizon simultaneously wide open to particular catchment areas of the world as well as its will to become a central country; and it cannot stop itself from arabesque and eurobesque elegies with a primitiveness revealing its intellectual pitifulness, submissiveness and dimsightedness.

2010-07-29 01:23:42

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