The significance of the year 1956 in terms of the end times

In his Risale-i Nur Collection, the Hijri 13th century mujaddid (reviver) Bediuzzaman Said Nursi has placed particular emphasis on the year 1956. A look at the events that took place in 1956 shows how very suprising it is that Said Nursi especially points out this year.

In his "Ma’ida al-Qur'an wa’l Khazanah al-Burhan" written in 1950, the student of the Risale-i Nur, Ahmed Feyzi Kul calculated the abjad values of a number of verses. This work was adopted by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and added to the end of his “Tılsımlar Magazine.”  The verse in this work giving an abjad value of 1956 AD is verse 68 of Surah Ta Ha.


"We said, ‘Have no fear, surely you will have the upper hand’…” (Surah Ta Ha, 68)

The abjad value of the word “surely you” in this verse is 1956 AD.

1956 is a highly significant date. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and Ahmed Feyzi Kul both emphasize its importance. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi interpreted another verse with an abjad value of 1956 in his Emirdag Addendum:


“The hypocrites are in the lowest level of the Fire. You will not find any one to help them,” (Surat an-Nisa’, 145)

... If the shadda (gemination mark) is taken as two nun letters, and if silent signs and (ye) are counted, it makes (Hijri) 1376 (1956-1957 AD), this cruel dissension (this hypocritical system based on irreligiousness and oppression) will be reaching the silence degree (will be silenced)... (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Emirdag Addendum, Letter No. 15)

With the words, "this cruel dissension will be reaching the silence degree," Bediuzzaman is telling us that 1956 IS THE BEGINNING of the collapse of the cruel system of denial, of hypocrisy, of the Darwinist-materialist system. And indeed, great progress was observed in the Islamic world after 1956.

Another verse of the Qur’an giving an abjad value of the year 1956 is verse 81 of Surah Al ‘Imran.


“Remember when Allah made a covenant with the prophets: “Now that We have given you a share of the Book and Wisdom, and then a messenger comes to you confirming what is with you, you must believe in him and help him.” He asked, “Do you agree and undertake my commission on that condition?” They replied, “We agree.” He said, “Bear witness, then. I am with you as one of the witnesses.” (Surah Al ‘Imran, 81)

The words “... then a messenger comes to you confirming what is with you,” give a numerological calculation of “the year 1956.” In fact, the ban on the Risale-i Nur Collection was lifted on that date. 1956 was a very significant year for the Risale-i Nur. Up until that date, it was forbidden to possess, read or distribute the Risale-i Nur, and 1,500 legal proceedings had been initiated concerning it.  In 1956, however, with the conclusion of a court case that had lasted for 8 years in Afyon, this great legal struggle came to an end, and the court ruled that the Risale was a work of faith with nothing criminal about it. In 1956 the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Board of Inspectors examined the whole of the Risale-i Nur Collection one by one, and issued a report with regard to each single Risale, saying that each was a positive and useful Qur’anic exposition, and the Afyon Court ruled in favor of acquittal for the Risale-i Nur, and it was thus made legal to publish it.

The significance of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s emphasis on THE YEAR 1956 in the Risale is apparent when we look at the great and minor events taking place in that year in Turkey and abroad.


3 January, 1956
Sudan declared its independence as a republic.

20 March, 1956
Tunisia achieved independence from France.
23 March, 1956

Pakistan became the world’s first Islamic republic.
7 April, 1956

Morocco declared independence.

Religion lessons were started to be taught in secondary schools.


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