Snowflakes: An Incomparable Miracle

The molecules and atoms that make up a substance assume their most regular forms when in a solid state. The shapes to which they give rise by bonding with each other are three-dimensional geometrical forms, the angles of which have specific rations in the successive prisms they produce. There is never any error, deviation, or alteration in this. If the atoms in a substance as small as 1 in 1 millionth of 3 cm (1.2 in) possess the perfect and flawless geometrical regularity in question, then that substance must be a crystal.

A snowflake is a crystal that begins forming around a minute dust particle that is just a few microns in size. This microscopic shape is hexagonal, and the crystal that forms grows by extending tiny arms from its corners. The crystal grows as the air chills and the environment changes, and capillary structures soon appear on the emerging structure. A snowflake’s atoms are attached to each other by loose bonds that cause crystals to bind to each other in different shapes. This difference is so great that it is difficult even to imagine the odds of two identical snowflakes falling to Earth.


Let’s consider the number of snowflakes that fall during just one year. We can barely estimate the number of snowflakes that fall during a single snow storm in just one area. Literally trillions of snowflakes falls every year, and all of them have different shapes. How is such an amazing miracle possible? Clearly, Allah creates every detail to display an extraordinary property. Who but Allah, the Creator of the universe, has the power to create such an immense diversity and then display His perfectly delicate artistry in microscopic details? Allah exhibits His might and the beauties He creates by displaying His artistic detail in all snowflakes, which fall as a blessing and source of beauty:

In the alternation of night and day, and in what Allah has created in the heavens and Earth, there are Signs for people who guard against evil. (Surah Yunus, 6)

There are countless proofs of Allah on display. In order to see these, people must turn to Him sincerely so that He may strengthen their sight, understanding, and appreciation. Otherwise, they will become blind and remain unaware of the beauty of the blessings bestowed. If this is the case, they will suffer disappointment in the Hereafter. Such a fate can be avoided only by turning to Allah, the true Lord of all exquisite blessings, with full sincerity of heart.

2010-08-22 14:34:11

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