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Bağdat TV– March 02- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Sun rises from the place where it goes down. And it goes down from where it rises. It usually happens like this.Since the Sun went down from here, it will arise from here again... It seems so in terms of social conditions, and it seems that Turkey is a natural leader in terms of current flow of the general history. Besides, no other country approaches leadership except Turkey right now. THE MOST IDEAL VIEW ADOPTED BY THE ENTIRE ISLAMIC WORLD IS THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY. TO WHOM WE ASK, TO WHICH ARABIC COUNTRY WE ASK, THEY WANT THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY. When we ask the Turkish States, they again want the the leadership of Turkey.

Daily Vakit – July 01- 2010

İbrahim Sharif Ali, president of the Association of Scholars of the Republic of Djibouti, made a comment about the Muslim Scholars’ Association 3. General Meetings which are organised by the Union of the Non-governmental Organizations of Islamic World and said: “This is just a beginning.” Abouth holding the meeting in Istanbul, he said: “Centre of the Islamic world fell down here and will rise up here insha’Allah. We are here for this purpose, in this respect it's a very significiant place and a very meaningful meeting.” for the matter of the meetings which are held in İstanbul.


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