Turkey is our role model

Başkent TV, Feb 13- 2009

Adnan Oktar: Our Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) is an Arab. All Arabian people are our beloved ones. They are the descendants of Prophet Ishmael (peace be upon him). That is a holy lineage. It is unacceptable to think in the reverse way. Arabs admire Turks. All Arab countries feel that Turks are the leader. Indeed this is determined by destiny. This topic is mentioned in the hadiths of our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace). Our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) had consigned the entire Islamic world to Turks. This is referred to in many hadiths by our Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) as red flags – Turkish flags - will appear at first and then they unite with the green flags – the flags of Islamic world. The red and the green flags will get united to form Turkish – Islamic Union Insha’Allah… This is destiny which is unavoidable. The Arabs, Iranians, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Armenians are going to participate in Turkish Islamic Union as well as Georgia and Lithuania.  All of them are our best beloved brothers. We will compassionately embrace all of them and ensure the security of life and property in these countries. We will make all of them rich and provide peace in these countries. This is destiny. Then next step will be the involvement of Russia in Turkish Islamic Union. So we will establish the greatest super power of the world.

Milliyet, July 12- 2010

Turkey is our role model

Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad has expressed that Turkey is an excellent role model for Palestine with its successful development. He has also declared that they are looking for ways to establish strong connections between Palestine and Turkey.

2010-09-14 22:54:39

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