Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 28 August 2010

Harun Yahya TV, 28 August 2010

Our brothers who espouse the idea of Wahdat al-Wujud are seriously mistaken. They say; "Allah was alone” (Surely Allah is beyond their claims); that is a very wrong expression. They then say, "Allah got bored. He looked at the mirror of nothingness and saw Himself.” Allah is beyond their claims, they say, "He was subject to time.” Allah created time. He created it for us, His poor servants. Time is a belief resulting from comparison and was created for human beings. Allah is unfettered by time and space. Within the infinitely short time; infinitely short time. Not one billionth of a second, not one quadrillionth of a second, not quadrillion times quadrillionth of a second. He created infinite eternity and infinite precedence in infinitely short time and finished it.                          

Among people there is one who argues about Allah without knowledge, and follows every rebellious satan. (Surat al-Hajj, 3)

Hypocrites are very rebellious and untrustworthy. They are two-faced by nature. Someone with a good knowledge of the Qur’an and of its profound details will not be a target for satan or the hypocrite.

It was only satan frightening you through his friends. But do not fear them – fear Me if you are believers. (Surat al-‘Imran, 175)

He frightens them if they are not strong or psychologically weak, but the hypocrite does not appear alone. He lines the whole of unbelievers up behind him. They act as a group, a group from which they draw their strength.
He said, ‘By Your misguidance of me, I will lie in ambush for them on your straight path. Then I will come at them, from in front of them and behind them, from their right and from their left. You will not find most of them thankful.’ (Surat al-A’raf, 16-17)

Satan foolishly accuses Allah, may He forbid, but he is himself lacking in character. He lays an ambush because he is treacherous. He squats on the true path, in other words, he speaks of halting the followers of our Prophet (saas) or of Hazrat Mahdi (as). He says he will fight the moral values of the Qur’an. He says he will block the path of those who struggle. The hypocrite approaches over the internet, by sending in reports, and tries to draw close. The believer must be on his guard. The hypocrite may appear from where he is least expected.

Mankind! Allah’s promise is true. Do not let the life of the dunya delude you and do not let the Deluder delude you about Allah. Shaytan is your enemy so treat him as an enemy. He summons his party so they will be among the people of the Searing Blaze. (Surah Fatir, 5-6)

Allah's promise is that “Islam will rule the world” and that Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as) will come.

Another figurative allusion in this verse is to the appearance of the movement of the Mahdi and Turkish-Islamic Union.

Worldly concerns and worries for the future must not deceive you, and this is the weapon used by the deceivers, the hypocrites in other words, satan, hypocrites; they try to deceive by using the name of Allah, and they imagine they do so. But the believer regards them as his enemies, and this is a religious observance. It is a religious observance for the believer to take the hypocrite as his intellectual enemy and to wage a constant intellectual struggle. Satan just invites his own gang, the hypocrites, to Hell.
Those of you who turned their backs on the day the two armies clashed – it was satan who made them slip for what they had done… (Surat Al-‘Imran, 155)

The day the two communities met; figuratively, the day in our century when the forces of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the dajjal meet.

Those who turn back will be the weak ones.

Satan and the hypocrites seek to mislead Muslims by way of various promises, and that is his job.

In doing this, the hypocrite appears to adopt a protective stance. “So-and-so is your enemy, so watch out” he says. “Watch what you eat. How is your health?”
They will call out to them, ‘Were we not with you?’They will reply, ‘Indeed you were. But you made trouble for yourselves and hung back and and doubted  and false hopes deluded you until Allah’s command arrived. The Deluder deluded you about Allah.
(Surat al-Hadid, 14)
You cast yourselves into corruption; you have turned to hypocrisy, to corruption.

They wait for Muslims to be divided, arrested, fall sick and fall apart; they wait for them to collapse economically.

The hypocrite is in a constant state of doubt; regarding Allah’s Messenger (saas), Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet (saas). He in any case doubts all things, himself, and even Allah, may He forbid.

He is always worried, and because he has a schizophrenic character his brain is never balanced and he always chases after corruption.

.. .”The Deluder has deluded you about Allah” (using His name, or by appearing to be totally innocent: he gives the impression of being well-behaved, but devils are constantly stirring within him.

I will lead them astray and fill them with false hopes... (Surat an-Nisa’, 119)

The hypocrite’s job is to lead people astray and perplex them. He wants to instill doubts in people’s hearts as this is the only way of making them resemble him.

He makes promises to them and fills them with false hopes. But what satan promises them is nothing but delusion. (Surat an-Nisa’, 120)
He promises only deception, his promises are not true.

When the hypocrites and people with sickness in their hearts said, ‘What Allah and His Messenger promised us was mere delusion.’ (Surat al-Ahzab, 12)

In the figurative sense and looking at this century they say that  Allah and His imam, the Mahdi, made false promises. They spoke of the prevalence of Islam, Turkish-Islamic Union and the destruction of Darwinism. No, they say, these are false. But irreligion will rule, Darwinism and materialism will not be annihilated and Muslims are wasting their energy and means on pointless endeavors, they will say.

  ... Satan has made their actions seem good to them and debarred them from the Way so they are not guided. (Surat an-Naml, 24)
Hypocrites give the impression of being very attractive. They imagine they behave correctly. They use flowery language, and people who are heedless listen to them. They imagine they are very successful.

 .... However, their hearts were hard and satan made what they were doing seem attractive to them. (Surat al-An’am, 43)
They think they are acting very properly. They encourage one another, saying, “well done, you are behaving really well.”

And also for those who spend their wealth to show off to people, not having belief in Allah and the Last Day. Anyone who has made satan his comrade, what an evil comrade he is! (Surat an-Nisa’, 48)

The hypocrite suffers greatly when he gives possessions away, and regrets having done so. He gives away very little, and that only for show, but it really pains him to give anything away at all.

This is a sickness of those who do not believe in Allah and the Hereafter. A person that satan or a hypocrite adopts as a friend is a very bad person. The hypocrite always wants to be friends, and says, “Be my friend, come and join us.”

Kocaeli TV, 28 August 2010

A movement without a cause inevitably loses. Every movement without a cause or a principle loses. The PKK has an ideal. And what is it up against? Silence. Silence  means losing, may Allah forbid. The force to oppose the PKK is Turkish-Islamic Union. Turkish-Islamic Union is a huge ideal. There has to be a force opposed to the PKK. If there is an ideal, albeit a superstitious one, it motivates people. It excites them. Albeit superstitious, it encourages the struggle. That is what makes them go off into the mountains. But we have our own true cause to oppose it. But it has to be an official state policy. It must be an explicit state policy, not a secret one. There has to be a great union, the whole Turkish and Islamic world must unite under Turkish leadership.
Counter propaganda is very important, and we have to concentrate on that. There needs to be an official anti-materialist, anti-communist, anti-Leninist and anti-Darwinist policy. They PKK sets out its position day and night, and the other side cannot just remain silent.
If a stone starts rolling down a mountain, it will keep going until it encounters an obstacle, and if that obstacle is made of steel, the stone will shatter. That steel is Turkish-Islamic Union, Islamic Union.
Various religious teachers appear on the television and talk about various matters. But there is one main topic they never discuss. Salvation is the fundamental issue. One must not discuss matters like how to enter the house or what to heed when praying without checking whether the other person genuinely believes and without striving to be instrumental in his salvation. Bediuzzaman also emphasizes this matter. He said the most vital matter is to save a person’s faith. He said one must discuss the signs leading to faith. He says that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will do that. He says he will describe the signs leading to faith and will make sure Muslims are well-balanced and prevent them sliding toward disbelief.
Religion is profound intelligence. He who knows Allah knows the greatest truth, and the greatest secrets, secrets of Allah. This requires profound reflection, intelligence and faith. But they are superficial, like a machine reading a book, with a mechanical sound, like those devices that read text out loud. These people have no soul and no electricity that might be instrumental in faith. Indeed, the way they talk is more likely to put people off. They are unaware of the damage they do. When you talk about religion, you cannot use the kind of techniques they employ to make people cry in movies. What matters is whether you can direct them toward a profound conception of faith and save them from idols and Darwinism. Otherwise, people will listen and then go straight back to their normal lives.

The hypocrite will head for whichever Muslim is the weakest. The hypocrite will never approach someone who is very devout, loyal to the faith and devoted to Allah. Will a hyena approach someone holding a big stick? It looks and targets whoever is defenseless. The people satan regards as targets must be very careful and strengthen their faith and determination. The hypocrites did not approach Hazrat Ali (as= in the time of our Prophet (saas). They also knew the answers they would get from Hazrat Umar (as). They prefer people they regard as weak.
Satan has gained mastery over them and made them forget the remembrance of Allah.     Such people are the party of satan.    No indeed! It is the party of satan who are the losers. (Surat al-Mujadala, 19)

Satan becomes the hypocrite’s whole identity.

When satan comes to the end of the road, he says, “I fear Allah.” But if you fear Allah, why do you not tell people the truth and tell them to fear Him? Why do you not say, “Everyone must fear Allah.”? He says this right at the end, when backed into a corner, because he has the character of a hypocrite.
When they meet those who believe, they say, ‘We believe.’ But then when they go apart with their satans, they say, ‘We are really with you. We were only mocking.’
(Surat al-Baqara, 14)

Hypocrites try to appear to be fearing Allah when they see believers. "Look,” they say, “I have my skull cap and prayer beads with me, and am even a member of a mystic group.” But they tell satan, “We are on your side.” They foolishly imagine they are mocking Muslims. The hypocrite always speaks with a forked tongue, under the influence of satan.
He said, ‘Iblis, what prevented you prostrating to what I created with My own Hands? Were you overcome by arrogance or are you one of the exalted?’ He said, ‘I am better than him. You created me from fire but You created him from clay.’ (Surah Sad, 75-6)

The hypocrite regards himself as very superior. I am much more auspicious, he says. He regards himself as superior to the Prophet (saas) or Hazrat Mahdi (as), or even to Allah, may He forbid. And since he is very foolish, he tried to teach others and says what is in his foolish head, may Allah forbid. Satan and hypocrites really think they have the gift of the gab, but foolishly give themselves away.

When they are told, ‘Do not cause corruption on the earth,’ they say, ‘We are only putting things right.’ No indeed! They are the corrupters, but they are not aware of it. (Surat al-Baqara, 11-12)

When asked why they behave so immorally, they say, “there are errors here that I want to put right.” “I am trying to improve matters,” they say. As they are under satan’s influence, they are completely unaware.

As for those who have set up a mosque, causing harm and out of disbelief, to create division between the believers, and in readiness for those who previously made war on Allah and His Messenger, they will swear, ‘We only desired the best.’ But Allah bears witness that they are truly liars. (Surat at-Tawba, 107)

Hypocrites are in any case in favor of the mosque. They always want to find a believer and enter that community. But their real community is themselves, when they meet up together.

They do not want Islam to spread, though they appear to do so. They want some Muslims to go away, but they approach those who suit them, and this is one of their main characteristics.

One of their characteristics is the way they fully support any activity opposed to Muslims. They do whatever the conditions of the time require; they issue false reports and collaborate with part of the press, with other hypocrites and with disbelievers. They adopt mosques in order to be seen. They develop a system whereby they appear to remember Allah, and when asked say their only intention is to do good.

It is bonds of blood that matter to hypocrites, not ties of faith.

Satanic thinking lies at the root of fascism, and of the PKK. The PKK is a hypocrite movement. It is obviously hostile to Allah, the religion and the Book. But from time to time it depicts itself as not being so.

The hypocrite relies on ties of blood, not on ties of faith. But the Muslim relies on ties of faith. They may share the same lineage, but if someone has no faith, he is not his brother.

The hypocrite writes his own book of satan. He rearranges the Qur’an as he thinks fit, may Allah forbid. He adds bits and takes bits away. He looks for things compatible with satan, and when he cannot find them in the Qur’an, he begins twisting his own tongue.

When satan made their actions appear good to them, saying, ‘No one will overcome you today for I am at your side.’ But when the two parties came in sight of one another, he turned right round on his heels saying, ‘I wash my hands of you. I see what you do not see. I fear Allah. Allah is severe in retribution.’ (Surat al-Anfal, 48)

In the eyes of his own foolish moral values, the hypocrite is enormously strong. He regards himself as so strong he can never be overcome. Under satan’s prompting, he regards communists, atheists, Darwinists and all of them as his helpers and collaborates with them. And when their numbers are very high he thinks he is very strong.

If someone loves Allah, loves Him for His approval, then Allah creates a person for him to love. Allah does the best of all things.
Paying one’s debts is an obligation of faith, a commandment of the Qur’an. Muslims are punctilious about their debts. It is different for people who really do lack the means, but one must not promise to repay and then not do so. If one says, “Forgive me, I cannot pay” he may be forgiven. But if he promises to pay, then he must do so.

Their weakness of faith lies at the root of their defeat. They overthrew the Ottoman Empire with Darwinism. We will rebuild the Ottoman Empire, as Turkish-Islamic Union, by demolishing Darwinism, insha’Allah.


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