General Petraeus: We appreciate Turkey

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Destan TV, August 5- 2008

Adnan Oktar: United States has already seen that it cannot succeed in this business. This is not something they can do on their own. Also Europe is not able to make it, they stand aside. Iraq cannot make it on its own as it is going to be destroyed in such a case and will face civil war and disorder. The problem between Palestine and Israel cannot be resolved, as well.The only solution is Turkey’s taking the elder brother role through the region, Insha’Allah. Turkey needs to take this role. Only, it should be declared in an official way. Thus, peace, justice and ease will penetrate into the region and the economy will brighten up, experience a full recovery and all these states in the region will become the super power.  Turkish Army is always applauded with affection wherever it goes. Turkish soldiers are kind, brave and fair. Turkish Soldiers are immensely popular in every corner of the world;  Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia. What is the reason behind that? The reason is; Turkish soldiers are kind, respected and reasonable people. They are very conscientious and compassionate. They act in the most reasonable manner. They are gentle. Everybody agrees that the most convenient way of management will be the Turkish State’s becoming the elder brother in the region.

Turkiye, July 17- 2010

General Petraeus: We appreciate Turkey


While referring to Turkey’s handling the Commandership of Kabul Region, General Petraeus has expressed his feelings of appreciation to Turkey’s cooperation and praised the Turkish Army’s great contributions to their country by saying; “The tasks being handled by Commandership of Kabul Region are valuable to us. We are holding high feelings of respect to our Turkish friends with whom we have participated in many operations across many regions from Balkans to Iraq and Afghanistan under NATO


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