Countless benefits of fruits - I

The fruits that have countless benefits to the human health are of great importance for our nutrition.  Fruits that help digestion with their fibrous structures provide many elements essential for the survival of the human body. Furthermore, fruits are rendered beneficial not only for human beings but also for other living beings on Earth. Several creatures such as birds, squirrels etc. feed on fruits. Meanwhile, fruits also benefit the trees on which they grow.
In order to continue their generations, many kinds of plants transport their seeds to locations unreachable for them by means of their fruit. For this end, they make use of the birds and other living beings that feed on fruits. After plucking the fruits from trees, these living beings carry them to far places and thus spread the seeds around. At the same time, some animals and insects feed on the fruit falling on the ground. Meanwhile fruit enrich the soil. Not only the pulp but also the seed of fruit are very beneficial for many living beings.

Fruit which are created with different tastes, colors and shapes are blessings of Allah. The coat of the banana which is easily peeled and its delicious taste, the juice of orange with its special aroma and the cooling and tasty flavor of watermelon in hot weathers and all other fruit are the blessings Allah provide us to our service.

In many verses of the Qur’an, Allah gives the good news that fruit are presented to human beings as the blessings of Paradise.


Platters and cups of gold will be passed around among them and they will have there all that their hearts desire and their eyes find delight in. You will remain in it timelessly, for ever. That is the Garden you will inherit for what you did. There will be many fruits in it for you to eat. (Surat az-Zukhruf , 71-73)


Orange, which is known as the fruit that contains all the anti-carcinogenic agents, is the second most consumed fruit of the world after apple. Orange, the “golden apple” of the ancient ages, is a juicy fruit filled with bursas. It is mainly divided into four groups as the navel orange, the seedy or seedless yellow orange, the blood orange and the non-sour orange. The homeland of orange, which is a citrus fruit which contains oil with a special scent, is China. Then, primarily in Spain, orange became a fruit that is grown in all other Mediterranean countries and warm regions such as Southern Africa and America.

Orange is an important source of ascorbic acid; its rich vitamin C content is instrumental in treating common colds, sniffles and influenzal infections. This fruit also contains several antioxidants and grows in winter, which is also a blessing of Allah, simply because its vitamin content help strengthening the human immune system and is also used for making up the water loss caused by the disorders cited above.


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