The citizens of Van are opening their doors for Armenians

What He Said?What Happened?


Gaziantep Kanal 5 Tv, September 20-2008 

Adnan Oktar: Even the statements of the Armenian president;  He says that  they are ready to give Nagorno-Karabakh too. So long as we get united. Armenians are our brothers as well. They are our dear friends. We won't leave them there hungry and miserable. We inherited them from the Ottomans. They are our brothers... During the time when Darwinism appeared, freemasons put forward a conflict of racism. They put forward Darwinism and put everything into disarray.We lived with our Armenian brothers with love and affection. Armenian artists made excellent furniture, paintings, constructions and beautified the Ottomans' country.

There were politicians and doctors.Where are these people now? This a fitnah; they made a fuss and put everything into disarray. Why should Armenia be disconnected from us? Why should Armenia be isolated?

Erzincan TV, July 14-2008 

Adnan Oktar: The Armenians are our brothers.They are part of our souls as well Insha'ALLAH. Armenia will be included Insha'ALLAH in the Turkish-Islamic Union as well. They grieve in vain. We consider them as brothers and friends.  Insha'ALLAH, they will also be integrated in the compassionate Turkish-Islamic Union. They will live in peace.Their security will be guaranteed...       

Taraf, May 31-2010

Campaign for hosting Armenians at home

The citizens of Van are preparing to host Armenians at their homes, who will come to the first ritual that will be made in the Akdamar Church in September. The campaign „We are opening our doors for Armenians coming to Van“ has been initiated by a regional newspaper on the basis of a survey and is supported by the governorship as well.


2010-09-27 23:08:35

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