Visa with Syria lifted, mutual transitions increased

Kuşadasi TV, July 14-2008 

Adnan Oktar:  First of all, passports and visas should be lifted between the Turkish and Islamic nations. People should cross borders as they wish. LET COMMERCE BE FREE AS MUCH AS IT CAN BE, LET CONNECTIONS BE EASY AT MUCH AS IT CAN BE. This is possible with the EU, so why should not it be possible with the Turkish-Islamic Union? In the European Union, everyone can go and settle wherever they want. They do not use passport or visa.  Given that we are brothers, why can’t we accomplish it? There is no reason whatsoever, of course, it will work. The Turkish-Islamic states have the most beautiful sights and geographies and the world's richest mineral resources are in this region. The richest oil resources are in this region as well. There is meal, there is oil, there is sugar, only halvah has to be made


Yeni Asya, August 17-2010 

Visas Removed, mutual transitions have increased

2010-09-27 23:23:18

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