The number of countries that removed visas has become 61

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The Gulf Today, November 2- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Under the leadership of Turkey a Turkish Islamic Union will be established Insha’Allah. A Turkish Islamic Union will be established with the help of the Turkish Union which will be formed by the union of the Turkish states. This will come true under the leadership of Turkey, we are proceeding to it step by step. Indeed, the most ideal [situation] is the leadership of Turkey. Each country will be separate as a state, but there will be a spiritual unity like the European Union. Passports will be removed, visas will be lifted, countries will be able to trade freely with each other, make shopping, they will be brothers and sisters... Turkish Islamic Union will be formed within the next ten, fifteen years Insha’Allah. This has already been Turkey’s mission. During all the terms of past governments we had seen this. Turkey has always assumed the leadership of the Turkish Islamic world. It makes people feel this. Everywhere it shows its brotherhood mission directly or indirectly. Turkey steps in in all kinds of disagreements. For example Turkey stepped in in the formation of the Caucasus Alliance. When there is a dispute among other countries, Turkey undertakes the position of a mediator. The leadership of Turkey can be clearly seen in other projects such as the natural gas pipeline project, or the oil pipeline project. Now Turkey already makes this effectively without making a formal explanation, and this continues and improves.

MPL, November 21- 2008

Adnan Oktar: When masses accept this belief, this issue will be over,I mean this issue is not so complicated.Removal of the passports and visas will be realised through a decision made at a meeting of Council of Ministers. What does that mean? That means “Turkish Islamic Union”. Namely, when the government declares that it has removed passport and visa requirement of the Turkish and Islamic states, this issue will be over. Islamic Union will be established. Same decisions are to be made for them, then this issue would be over. But this will actually be the union of hearts. It is not an union that will require formal enforcement and official pressure. Love and compassion do not come into being under formal pressure; it should come into being outside the bounds of formality. There is exuberant affection. You will be able to go all the way to Syria. There would be no such thing as a border gate. You will load your goods, deliver and sell them wherever you want. They will also bring their goods to Istanbul and sell. Cash flows in such an environment; money exceedingly brisks, I mean goods and wealth becomes much more intensive than predicted., July 4- 2010

The 61 countries not requesting visa from Turkey

Radikal, July 5- 2010

Türkiye, July 5- 2010

2010-09-28 10:20:21

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