Surat ash-Shu'ara', 221-222 (Not defending the Islamic Union is a sin)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live interview on Kocaeli TV, September 4, 2010

People who restrict the clear judgements of the Quran, bring forth newly dilemmas, reverse things. People who do not defend the Islamic Union are fond of committing sin. If they don’t defend the domination of Islam, they will be in the position of those who are fond of committing sin. Because permitting cruelty is firsthand cruelty. For example, there is an axe in the hands of a man, he is keeping it over the child and will hit him. If you hold his hand, he won’t be able to hit. But what is he doing? He is watching it. What does that mean? You are in the same position who hits the axe to the child. When the Islamic Union is formed, that axe will stay in the air. When man doesn’t want this union, that axe hits the man on his head. You become spiritually responsible for this and it is a sin. When the Islamic Union is not formed, there are every kind of sin, drugs and wrongful relationships. Hundreds of people die because of drugs, you sort of participate in it. Because you have the possibility to stop it.

For example, a snake is coming along, you see a child lying there and if you close the door snake will not be able to enter the room. The man is watching it, holding a cigarette in his hand. The snake is coming along and poisoning and drowning the child. You become responsible for that too. You become responsible for the people who commit suicide, disintegration of the Muslims, Muslims’ economical anguish and pain, Muslims killing each other, foreign countries’ persecution against the Muslims. For example children, women are raped in Iraq, Afghanistan. They also put it on the internet, images are not easy to look at. They raped a 8 year old girl and put it on the internet. It means that you are content with all of these.

2010-09-30 19:13:36

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