Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 6 September 2010

6.09.2010 Asu TV

Magnificent cities, an extraordinary artistic conception, these are the features of the age of Hazrat Mahdi (as). We have not yet seen such cities.
Night follows day, and day follows night. We are heading from the night and into the day. The Sun will rise. The Sun is Hazrat Mahdi (as). Then it will be night again. And then will come the Day of Reckoning.
The subconscious is very important. People are watching me at this moment. They are looking at my movements and what I emphasize. The human mind is very sharp. It identifies many details of a person. A man may be a professor of Islam, but his way of addressing Allah is very ugly. He is unaware of the collapse that will result. He uses inappropriate language in reference to Paradise, Hell and the angels, and they encourage this. It is this kind of mindset that is responsible for the survival of irreligion and the movement of the antichrist. They must give it up.

Loyalty is one of the main features of a Muslim.
Someone suffers for Allah’s sake, is oppressed and tortured, renders huge services to Islam and then grows old. And then we say, “It is time for you to take a back seat. We have nothing more to do with you.” That is incompatible with Islam and the Qur’an.

Without Turkish-Islamic Union, this aid remains very, very superficial. If all Islamic countries were to coalesce around Hazrat Mahdi (as), the issue of aid to Pakistan would be settled within a month. These official statements are always made, but these spiritually feeble words are not enough. These are events that call for love. Since Islamic countries do not see that love they cannot donate their money. Money is needed everywhere. Not just in Pakistan. Children are wretched in Afghanistan and Iraq, too.
Whatever miracle our Prophet (saas) worked, the pagans would try to reject it. “This is sorcery, we have been bewitched” they said. Now, too, some people are ignoring the miracles of our Prophet (saas). The way they have come about one after the other in the End Times is one of our Prophet’s (saas) miracles. More than 100 signs have come about in 30 years. This is a very great miracle.

The Messenger of Allah (saas) said: "… let them await the signs that come one after the other like the beads from a necklace with a broken string." (Abu Huraira, Tirmidhî)

The signs of the Day of Reckoning will come one after the other. Like the beads on a broken necklace. (Ramuz al-Ahadith, 277/6; Al Jami As Sagir, 3/167)

This is a separate miracle. Afghanistan may have been invaded a thousand years ago, but the Prophet (saas) says the portents will all take place in a short space of time, and that is how it has happened. It is also one of the greatest miracles. This is the greatest miracle. He says the waters of the Euphrates will be stopped, and that is a miracle. All the 140 portents, without exception, have come about in the last 30 years. That is truly amazing.
The masons wrote to me yesterday. “Your words stating that there will be a major solution in the world in 2012 have truly amazed us. Because we believe that this is the 1000-year secret of freemasonry.” So they have all begun examining the Qur’an. The economy will not recover by turning single summersault at Madonna concert or by dancing the Samba and Rumba. There will be a major easing in the world in 2012. Because there will be a turning to religion, to faith, and people will learn to give thanks.
The Islamic world is seething, but this is a positive sign. We are striving against hypocrites on one hand, disbelief on another, and against ignorant teachers.


...We will destroy those who do wrong. (Surah Ibrahim, 13)
Almighty Allah says we will eliminate the movement of the antichrist and Darwinism and materialism.
"We will leave you the land to live in after them. That is the reward of those who fear My station and fear My threat.” (Surah Ibrahim, 14)
There will be no dominion of the irreligious and the deniers.
They [the prophets] asked for Allah’s victory, and every obdurate tyrant failed. (Surah Ibrahim, 15)

Abjad calculation gives the date 1993.

Harun Yahya TV, 6 September 2010
(Regarding the banning of Dawkins’s book) They are speaking inaccurately. It has nothing to do with Dawkins’ book. The man utters wicked slanders and that is why it was banned. But I am not bringing proceedings against his ideas. He does not have any ideas, so against what shall we bring proceedings? What does he say? Marx also denies Allah, but we don’t sue him. Lenin and Mao deny Allah, but we have not sued them. But if he defames and slanders, then of course I will bring proceedings. I am opposed to them, and therefore criticize them intellectually. But if you defame and slander someone, that is disgraceful. That is just rude, and I told them to remove those passages. We warned them again and again, but they did not listen. So what did we do? We went to court and won, and it was closed down.

(Regarding Hawking’s statement) They should leave the poor chap alone. People have abandoned their own work and are busy with him. Hawking said this or Hawking said that. There is nothing the man says. All he can do is look. He is in a pitiful state. The poor thing is a living corpse. He sits there while they write novels and books and films about him... Hawking said this or that and told us all about it. The man is worse than in a coma. He is in an awful condition. Can you expect such a person to think soundly? His brain has gone. Leave him to himself. They are trying to keep him alive. He has become a holy figure for all atheists. Dawkins and the rest have all been defeated, so now they are hiding behind Hawking. They say he will protect them. They say he is the world’s best-known atheist. They say he is the main man. They say they all follow Hawking. But if he could he would chase them off with a stick in his hand. The poor guy is in a pitiful state. How can they tell anything from looking in his eyes. They say they can read things in his eyes. They really should leave him in peace. Let him try to live in peace. They say there was no matter, but matter existed. Then gravity emerged and the universe came into existence. What is wrong with these people? Something has happened to them. I can’t understand it.

We ask how protein came into existence, and they say by chance. I ask if that is possible, and they say they did not say it came into being by chance. So what did you say? You must have thought we meant that, they say. So what did you say? And they say by chance again. What can I say to that? Look, they say this is what Hawking says. But his brain has gone. They say they read it in his eyes and that is what he is telling them. They say he is the leader of all atheists. Their holy man. They say he has worked out how the universe formed. How, we ask. There was nothingness, they reply. But there was matter in that nothingness, and that matter suddenly gave rise to matter. But you said there was nothingness. That’s right, they say. You ask how there could have been matter, and they say there was no matter. For Allah’s sake! Go and get some sleep if you have not slept for a while! Why are you wasting our time? You say there was nothingness, absolute nothing. But you say there was something, somewhere. And you say there was gravity. But how can you have gravity with no matter? Let’s assume that Hawking actually said something because of his condition. They say they read it in his eyes. They must have misread it. Is he in any condition to say such a thing? Even if he said something, he could have said anything at all because of his condition. Professors from all European universities, the entire press, famous European dailies and magazines have all knelt before Hawking. Tell us the truth, they say. They say they read these things in his eyes. But he is in a wretched state, unable to keep himself alive. They really should be honest. It is ridiculous. There was nothing, they say, but there was gravity!


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