Surat ar-Rahman and surat Al-Waqi'a (Time of the Day of Judgment and other topics)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s live interview on Kral Karadeniz and Tempo TV,  January 1st, 2010

ADNAN OKTAR: In Surat Ar-Rahman Almight Allah says while describing the Heaven ; I seek refuge in Allah from the satan, in the Heaven "In them are fruits", see this "In them are fruits and date-palms and pomegranates. So which of your Lord’s blessings do you both then deny? In them are good-natured, beautiful maidens." See that first comes the good nature, unless she is good natured, no matter what she does, a woman's beauty would do no good. It is the same in men for women, if his nature irritating, a woman would hate him. Let him be the most beautiful person on earth. A mindless person would be very repulsive, but an intelligent person, a good natured person is beautiful, insha'Allah. "Dark-eyed, secluded in cool pavilions." A protected, a chaste woman, a woman who is not degenerated would be beautiful, I mean she has an effect on one. But a woman used by everyone, who has become a general property, a woman who loses her value, psychologically a person would not feel respect for her. He cannot value her. Consequently he would not be affected by her. She would seem like a pile of flesh. That is what Qur'an refers to, of course as a lawful spouse. See that in the Qur'an, Almighty Allah says : " Untouched before them by either man or jinn." That is because the feeling of chastity has a very positive effect on man. It creates a very positive effect on a person's soul. You see her spotless, you feel compassion, you feel love, respect, you value her. But if a person does not value her, if he does not see her important, he sees her as something like a monkey. He sees her very bad, moreover he feels revolted by her. Her beauty would not have any meaning. For that reason a person is only beautiful and effective with her intelligence, good morals, depth, passion, Right? With her fear of Allah, with her love of Allah.  That is because when we are looking at a person, we would be seeing the manifestations of Allah. Had Allah not created her as beautiful in our brains for us, He could have created her very ugly like a monkey. For instance a person may be beautiful but Allah might make us see her very abnormal in our brain, you can't do anything for that , you can't change it or He might take one's image completely, Allah can make you see everything pitch black and dark, and you cannot do anything. Or Allah may make you color blind, make you see as black and white, and you cannot do anything for that. Surat Al-Waqi'a is the 56th Surah, see that we came again to 56. Surat Al-Waqi'a, 4th verse; "When the earth is convulsed. and the mountains are crushed" see that is the 5th verse. In the 4th verse refers to earth being convulsed, that is with a strike, see that it refers to the Day of Judgment again, "and become scattered dust in the air." With the heaviness of the strike the mountains will be all scattered like dust. 4th and 5th verses what would it make when together, 4 and 5?
ADNAN OKTAR: Again it refers to 1545. 
OKTAR BABUNA: Masha'Allah. It is the date of the Day of Judgment.
ADNAN OKTAR: Right? Again in the Surat Al-Waqi'a. Yes. "In Gardens of Delight." Almighty Allah refers to the people of Heaven. "A large group of the earlier people, " in the 13th verse, "but few of the later ones." 14, what does that remind you of? That means a few of the people in the Heaven will be of the later ones. The 14th century in the Hegira calendar. It refers to the Hijri 1400 right? "but few of the later ones. On sumptuous woven couches" what happened to the evolution in the Heaven? The sumptuous woven couches are not bought from the stores there. Allah creates them right? No master is making it there, Allah creates them. "Reclining on them face to face," says Allah.

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