The assignee of Sheikh Nazim al-Qubrusi, Sheikh Ahmet Yasin's comments about Mr. Adnan Oktar


Yesterday, they showed me Mr. Adnan Oktar’s, Harun Yahya web site. Superb. Masha’Allah, it could only be that beautiful. May Allah reward him.  They have been kind, so kind and displayed suhc a kindness and placed our video there and published our speech just as it is. They have showed saying see that Sheikh Ahmet Yasin is confirming that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will come just as Bediuzzaman Said Nursi told, just like Imam Rabbani told with evidences and hadiths. I would like to thank them also. May Allah increase their strength insha’Allah. May Almighty Allah make them Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and us soldiers to him so that we can serve him. I was very much pleased. May Almighty Allah increase their strength. We will pray for them. Now some people will make something out of my words and say “Did you point to an address? Why did you not point to us? We have offered you such and such.” They have offered me things that I have never seen in my life so that if I say, “Your sheikh, your master is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)” they will give me such and such, they will give me authority.

Tawba Astagfirullah. How could I answer fort his in the Hereafter? This world will pass anyhow. Our duty is to tell the truth. Would it be acceptable if a man who wants the truth fall into wrong-doing himself? May Almighty Allah make us from the righteous, from the sincere, from those with absolute faith.

Like I said, they have explained it with hadiths in detail on the web sites of Harun Yahya. You can look there. 

2010-10-07 02:08:15

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