Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 10 September 2010

10 September 2010, Kocaeli TV
Our problem with communism is not an economic one. But of course, if the mind collapses, the economy will collapse, as well. They have removed people’s ability to think in China, and the economy has collapsed. Since the minds have vanished in China and Russia, so has art. They have also put an end to Russian art. There are only people who have rolled up their sleeves and gone off, shouting, and to fight.
Turkey will be enlightened. Turkey will modernize. Turkey will be democratic. We will hear no more fantastical tales. We used to hear them in the past. For instance, there would be a court case, with 10 people on trial with the same accusations. For the first five defendants, the court would say that the plaintiffs had been pressurized, that the witnesses had been coerced, that their statements were inadmissible and that it was acquitting these five. Then a bit later the other five people would appear before that same court. But this time the witnesses had apparently not been threatened, everything they said was true and the court elected to pass sentence. These things happen before everyone’s eyes. If you complain you never get anywhere. Ten people are being tried in the same case. The court says it has acquitted five as the witnesses were coerced, then for the other five, it says; "no, the witnesses were not coerced at all". Of course we respect the court, but just as much as we have respect for them we also should have the right to sue them. For example, you want to present your defense, but the court says "I will not let you present your defense". You cannot present a defense. And then the court  hands down a sentence. What can you do? Is there a place that you can complaint to, and can get results? You cannot. Let them show me if anyone had ever received some result. Someone is put on trial, but when he asks under which law he is being prosecuted, the court refuses to say. Find out for yourself, it says. He has to find out for himself. How is he meant to do that? He asks what article of the law he is being prosecuted under, but gets no answer. Where can he complain to? For example, there is a court file with 10 sets of evidence. The court says it is admitting the evidence in favor of the first five and gives them acquittal. "Now bring the other five; I deemed 10 out of the 10evidence sets invalid and I sentence you," it says.

First it says that the police statements were taken under duress and in the absence of a lawyer, so it is acquitting these defendants. Then you step into the dock. You are asked if your statement was taken under torture; yes they were. "Did you have a lawyer," they ask; you say no I didn't. But the court says; "So be it, I deem these statements valid for you   and I sentence you." I have a huge respect for the courts, but I also do find this system is quite surprising. But I shall be voting yes and think the necessary revisions should be made to the judicial system. See that I cannot even speak. You cannot speak, you cannot complain and there is no question of suing for compensation, as you will definitely lose. They say the system is excellent and should continue. And I say I find it surprising and think that it needs to be corrected. Let one person step up and make a complaint against the High Commission of Judges and Public Prosecutors, who will dare to do that? Who can make a complaint about the Supreme Court? Let them show me if there is any, let them show me the rulings if anyone ever has. Of course I consider all the spotless and honest judges amongst them free of all these, I am just speaking about certain examples. Let one person out of the 70 million in Turkey get up and tell me he has got a result? No. It is impossible. How would we dare? We kindly ask and say; let our people have the right to complain. 

I consider all honest judges free of these but the alleged Ergenekon organization is really well entrenched among the judiciary, and these people are protected by the law. They are right where they need to be, and are untouchable.

We want the ideas to be put right, and we have no problem with their substance, their flesh and bone. We have no problem with their brains. But the idea in the head disturbs me, I mean, the incorrect and damaging side of it. Because it also will harm itself. I am waging an intellectual struggle so that it and the nation should not come to any harm. I am not after blood. I am against even one drop of blood being shed. Not even my elbow would ever hit one and cause his nose to bleed. Always through knowledge and reason. Through ideas, and that is very easy. Let them turn the PKK over to me, and they can call me whatever they like if I fail to finish it off, intellectually, ideologically and psychologically, within 2 months. Just in 2 months. Let them place the means of the state at my disposal and 2 months will do. Everyone who knows me knows that.

Fidel Castro has Jewish roots, He is not originally Cuban. But if Ahmadinejad were to be an enemy of the Jews, that would have been unlawful. No Muslim would ever do that. A Jew is descended from the Prophet Abraham, the Prophet Moses, from the holy line of the prophets. Enmity toward a line of descent is racism, fascism. No Muslim would ever do that. But if the other side are atheists and oppress others,we would take precautions against that oppression. But on the contrary, I mean hostility towards a whole line of descent is fascism. No Muslim would do that. And so Ahmadinejad would never do that, either. Why should he? There are pictures of him arm in arm with Jewish rabbis. Ahmadinejad is opposed to oppression. That is the issue. In addition, Jews will be shown affection in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and will be able to live in peace in the land of their forefathers. Hazrat Mahdi (as) is the King Messiah awaited by the Jews. The Jews have been praying for Hazrat Mahdi (as) for thousands of years, weeping, day and night, saying, ‘O Lord, send us the King Messiah.’ The King Messiah they are awaiting is Hazrat Mahdi (as). In addition, we are under the shadow of the movement of the Mahdi. That means that salvation for Muslims, Christians and Jews has begun.

The things I have said that will happen, will happen and the things I have said will not happen, will not, insha’Allah. I said there would be no earthquake in Istanbul, see that everyone was saying there would be an earthquake and then they all stopped talking about earthquakes. The most generous estimate was within 10 years. But I said, “There will be no earthquake in Istanbul.” Ten years have gone by, and none has happened. A great miracle took place, but they glossed over it. The ’99 earthquake, the earthquake switched to the underground just at the Istanbul Islands and continued there, till Avcılar and hit Avcılar, but it did not hit Istanbul that much. The earthquake’s starting point is also astonishing, but they covered that up. Many facts about the quake have been hidden. There are many facts about it that I know.

Satan wants blood. We are after saving lives. We want living things to stay alive. We are trying to shake off satan from them, to eliminate satanic ideas. That is we are killing satan on the inside. The body, the living thing will survive. I am striving against the satan in the soul. Once I have killed that satan in it, it will be finished with. May Allah give them security. I will slay their devils, their satans. I am anti-satan. I am the satan-crusher. That is my duty, insha’Allah.

There has to be a righteous community in order for hypocrisy to emerge. The hypocrite in an ordinary community would be average, but the ones in that of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be fierce. The community of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will at the same time be literally a hypocrite factory. The most extreme hypocrites will come from there, as well as the purest guides. You cannot know that they are guides. What is the worst harm a hypocrite from a community in a mosque can do? He will say, “this mosque can be demolished.” But the hypocrites in the community of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be very fierce. The power of the community and its impact is directly proportional to that of the hypocrite. The hypocrites in the time of our Prophet (saas) were also the most extreme. “Talut killed Goliath,” one verse says. The time of the Prophet David (as). That was the time when hypocrisy was most intense. Hazrat Talut was a great Islamic commander, a guide. We will cross the river and you will take a handful of water only, as there is not much water, he says; 313 of his soldiers say; that is nice, there is great wisdom in this. But the others were those with sickness in their hearts and hypocrites. Those with sickness in their hearts have a possibility of recovering, but the hypocrites are dead. “There is no logic here” they say. “Why should we not drink all we want? Since we are at the edge of the river?” They do not realize the wisdom behind that. The hypocrite thinks with a superficial logic, he cannot think deeply. His mentality is asinine, just like a jackass,  he goes straight to where the grass is, he acts the same.

It is Allah’s wish that the community of Hazrat Mahdi (as) be a minority. Allah also deliberately puts hypocrites among them. He deliberately afflicts troubles on them. In the hadith it is said that Hazrat Mahdi (as)'s back and stomach will be widened as he is being beaten. This is of course a reference to his fame spreading as he is assaulted. It is good to be unjustly attacked. Hazrat Mahdi (as) was instrumental in the Day of Reckoning being stopped. People owe him their lives but are unaware of it. They attack their benefactor. The hypocrites of that time regarded Hazrat Talut as insignificant.  They imagined there was no logic in his words. There was also sickness in the hearts of the Prophet Joseph’s brothers. They had a predisposition to kill him. That is a feature of satan. He enjoys bloodshed. Allah created him with that predisposition. Hypocrites are jealous and envious. Muslims’ intelligence, cleverness and wealth wound them deeply. So they go on the attack to escape that, and have a tendency towards bloodshed. They were ruthless and cruel enough to throw the holy, sweet and lovely Prophet Joseph into a well. They thought he would die naturally. “Maybe a caravan will find him” they said. But if not? Then he would die.

What that woman did to the Prophet Joseph (as) also stemmed from sickness in her heart. A loving woman would never harm her beloved. She can love in her heart in secret, until she dies. Allah will put them together in the Hereafter. She should give herself with all her heart. But she said, “then you will go to prison.” What a cruelty this is! 7 years. That is a terrible incident. The dungeons of that time were awful places. What business did that lovely man have there for seven years? The Prophet Joseph (as) had initially liked the woman. The matter did not come out of the blue, it has a past.  But no woman could resist the Prophet Joseph (as). He had an unbelievable impact on the women there. The woman says, “look, I will prove it for you.” She gave the other women all a bowl of fruit. Then she called in the Prophet Joseph (as). The women all cut their hands as they were unable to look away from him for even a moment. “Now you can see how I have come to the state I am in” she says. Because there is attraction there. He is attractive. There are some men with perfectly regular features, but they have no impact, there is no electricity in them, they have no effect on women. Their good looks are meaningless. Allah specially creates impact on others. This is an affliction of those with sickness in their hearts. A man may like a woman. Let us imagine that the woman spurns him. You will love her in your heart but you will not trouble her. Would one go and frighten or offend the woman he loves. What he must say is, “Let it be as you wish.” But for the hypocrite, love and admiration can sometimes change form and lead to aggression and even murder.

Abel and Cain. One is innocent and the other is a hypocrite. All hypocrites have a predisposition to bloodshed. Those carry the feelings of jealousy and they constantly live as if they were in Hell. They suffer day and night. But jealousy burns them up.

There is no jealousy among Muslims, only benevolence and their hearts are at ease. If a person is beautiful, a Muslim says, “May Allah give even greater beauty. Insha’Allah bestow the same blessing on me as well.” If another person is rich he will say, “May Allah increase his wealth. Insha’Allah, I will also be rich.” But what does the hypocrite say? “May Allah deprive them of their beauty. I want to be the only beautiful person.” Hypocrites pray. But theirs is a satanic prayer. And their prayers are not heeded.

The world will be rocked in 2021, insha’Allah. Look at Turkey after Hazrat Mahdi (as) has started his mission. Has not Darwinism disappeared? Does not religion reign everywhere, without exception? This came about through Hazrat Mahdi (as). Look at the world. Look at France. Has Darwinism and materialism collapsed? We are the vanguard of Hazrat Mahdi (as), and see the effects. Look at world leaders making statements praising Allah, the Book, the religion and Islam, and you will see.

Harun Yahya TV, 10 September 2010

Turkey is the place where love is best embodied...

10/57- Mankind! admonition has come to you from your Lord and also healing for what is in the breasts and guidance and mercy for the believers.

17/82- We send down in the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers, but it only increases the wrongdoers in loss.

41/44- ...’Say: ‘It is guidance and healing for people who have faith. Those who do not have faith have heaviness in their ears and for them it is blindness.  Such people are being called from a very distant place.’

Healing. Allah speaks of a sickness and says “there is healing in the Qur’an” He tells people to go to the doctor and have themselves healed. The whole issue for such people is to admit that they are ill and  wish to be cured and to submit to the doctor.

will initiate Islam again right from the beginning. (Mikyalu'l Mekarim, vol.1, p.57)
They have played a very big game against Islam. People are unaware of the ruses going on. 1.5 billion Muslims are in the state of captivity, they are all trembling.

Everyone strikes and attacks. Someone gets bored and sets a bomb off.

Hundreds of people are martyred. It takes only a few lines in the foreign press. But they bring the roof down in if a dog dies in the middle of London.

Hundreds of Muslims die, but nobody lifts a finger.

“Let them die. That is what they deserve,” they say. But the sky would cave in if a hundred people died in London. They are in a wretched state in Pakistan, children are covered in flies.

In Dubai all they talk about is “How high should the hotel be?" They buy a football team in England.

Then they invest all their money in American banks if they get bored.  Their money just stays there.
What they earn they carry off and invest there. They say that is their duty.

Ok, keep your money, but at least let it be used in the Muslim world.  You are putting your money in American banks okay, but also put it in the Turkish banks as well, put it in Faysal Finance, or in other places with an Islamic system. Hand it around as loans. But they don’t.

And why not? Because there is no Turkish-Islamic Union. ”I would have to be mad to waste it like that,” they say. But waste will be impossible with Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) would not deal with such things, but nobody else will have the nerve to do that. How could anyone who has a leader he loves do such a thing?

There is no optimism in Europe. People are not happy. Everyone is at home all alone. They have no friends or relatives to smile at them. Their streets are in disorder. Factory owners are not happy and don’t want to make things. Fervor and enthusiasm are dead in Europe. This is a major phenomenon. Nobody ever imagined that Darwinism would have such consequences. But now they are paying the price. Turkey is where the warmth of love is best embodied.

2010-10-07 23:12:29

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