Surat An-Nisa', 159 (Glad tidings of Jesus' (as) return to earth)

And there is no one of the People of the Book who will not believe in him before him before he dies; and on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against them. ( Surat An-Nisa', 159 )

The entire Jews and Christians will believe.This will occur in case of world domination.

They will say,  „A Jew will say that he believes in the Prophet Jesus (as) before he is going to die.“  Doesn't the Qu'ran say that believing at the moment of death is not valid? A Jew being is struggling for death at hospital, suddenly thinks of the Prophet Jesus (as) and says „Jesus, I believe in you.“   This will not be accepted because it will  not have a meaning. And why does he has to believe in the Prophet Jesus (as) at the last moment?  He also has to believe in the Prophet Muhammad (saas). If the purpose is to rescue this human being, he is not rescued. Believing in the Prophet Jesus (as) will not change anything, because the People of the Book don't believe in Hazrat Muhammad (saas).   This is a forcing of interpretation. They should behave honestly in this case. They make an explanation which is not appropriate to the Qu'ran and hasn't got any purpose. The Qu'ran would not tell us things without purpose.


2010-10-17 09:36:14

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