Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 14 September 2010

There are certain things that people value, that deem their lives meaningful. We, as the Turkish Nation, have a feeling to protect, originating from our fervent love towards Allah.  We feel profoundly disturbed by the sorrows in the world, any other nation might not be that much disturbed by it. Both with our spirit inherited from the Ottomans and through our manners we make the world feel that we are compassionate and kind. For instance Bashar al-Assad feels those beautiful loving words and that means that they do think that Turkey is a loving nation and that they can trust Turks.

This is directly proportional to the warm and candid manner of the administrators. People think that if the administrators are behaving as such, then the whole nation would be the same. For instance, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel placed the chair of our ambassador below his own, and everyone thought that it is the general conception of the whole Israeli nation. People psychologically perceive the manner of the administrators as the general representation. This is how it will be in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

Therefore when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears they will see the loving manner he employs and people will say: “Since the whole Islamic community loves Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), and he speaks in the name of Islam, then it is all done”. They will say“There will not be any other war, everything is over, love will prevail, everything will be for the best”. People need to be hopeful. Once you say Hazrat Mahdi will appear and justice will come, the economy will be strengthened, the economic crisis will cease immediately. It is in between the lips of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). They have already been locked by indoctrination anyway. They will be resolved of that also. But people come up and say, " I am the president of the IMF and the economic crisis will be solved only after six months". They all say “come on” But that would not be effective. People ask, "What is the basis for saying these things". 

But when Jesus, the Messiah, (pbuh) appears, he will say "the Qur’an is the true path, abide by me." And the whole Christian community, the whole Jewish community will say: “If such a valuable, such a wise and precious person, one that is so respectful towards the Torah, one that is so pious towards the true Gospel; if one who loves Allah this much says this, then this is the truth.” They would say let us all accept what he says without ever thinking. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will also be an expert on the Torah, he will know the Torah very well. His manner will be powerful. No doubt will ever arise from his speeches. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will also be like this.

The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) said “Another prophet will come after me” but they did not want it and said that he won’t come. When the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) came, the Jews said we do not accept the Prophet Jesus under any circumstances. Even though there were signs in the Torah, they didn’t accept him.  The Christians, when the Prophet Muhammad (saas) came, said that they are not expecting the Prophet Mohammed and that they have no such expectation.  That is a fanaticism that exists in human nature. Bediuzzaman says “Mahdi will come after me” and they say “no we are not waiting for that, no such thing could ever happen.”  The Prophet Moses (pbuh) says that there will be a prophet coming after him, they say “that can’t happen”. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) says “a messenger named Ahmed will come after me " he even gives his name and they say “no that can’t happen, it is not possible”. They do so in the name of love, they imagine that the contrary would be betrayal to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). And they imagine that once they say that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will come, they would be betraying Bediuzzaman. They have been making the same mistake for thousands of years. 

They are talking about the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).

I checked, they have prepared one website about the Risale-i Nur and one which does not talk about Risale-i Nur at all. They are talking about the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) with an obscure manner. They say “Okay, Bediuzzaman says that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come but both the verses in the Qur’an and the hadiths are debatable”. Two similar sites. That is a sort of preparation. Some time will pass and they will see if public opinion is formed to state that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) did not come, then instantly that website will be launched. 

They will say, “We have already said this”. They are talking with an obscure manner now. Then people would be hesitant. Hesitation is unbecoming to Muslims. A Muslim acts according to decisive faith. He has a certain belief and he defends that belief sincerely. An approach stating it could be that or it could be this is not acceptable. He either accepts Al-Qutub as-Sittah [The six major hadith collection] or not, he either accepts the Ahl al Sunnah scholars or not

Verses about the descent of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) are specific verses that are unique for him. No verses are revealed that make strong implications on the coming of any other prophet. Allah did not say “he is a sign for the Day of Judgment” for any other prophet. How can a man be a sign for the Day of Judgment?  Allah does not say that our prophet is a sign for the Day of Judgment. Even though our prophet (pbuh) came after him, Allah only says that for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). That means he will come as the last one. He will not bring a new canon law, he will not come as a Prophet but as a subject to the Shari’a of our Prophet (saas). If it were so, Allah would have said “Oh Mohammad you are a sign for the Day of Judgment.”  They also use some methods to change the meaning and context about that verse as well but of course they cannot succeed. It is understood from the beginning of the verse and from its continuance. They say that even though the verses refer to the coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), the part “He is a sign for the Day of Judgment” is referring to our Prophet Muhammad (saas).  It is apparent that this is not the case, they are making far-fetched explanations. We are to abide by the first meaning of the verse. Allah knows the truth. 

When an example is made of the son of Mary your people laugh uproariously.. (Surat az-Zukhruf : 57)
When you say that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come for instance, the man starts to grin. I mean he finds it odd.

They retort, ‘Who is better then, our gods or him?’ They only say this to you for argument’s sake.They are indeed a disputatious people. (Surat az-Zukhruf: 58)

What are their idols at the moment? Darwinism, materialism. Now for instance they are discussing these points extensively. Will the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) come or will he not, why won’t he come? There is nothing to discuss, the rule of Allah is explicit. The belief of the Ahl al-Sunnah is apparent. These are disputatious people, they like arguing. They want to discuss continuously. Demagogy. Allah says that they are inclined to discussion. By saying they are disputatious people, Allah directly refers to the unbelievers of course, but the ignorant does that as well. The ones in unawareness do that as well and the ones with sickness in their hearts and the hypocrites do so as well.

He is only a servant on whom We bestowed Our blessing and whom We made an example for the tribe of Israel. (Surat az-Zukhruf: 59)

When approached insincerely one might claim that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is not mentioned here and that it refers to a person in that period. But when you look sincerely since it is the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) mentioned up until now, that means this verse refers to him as well. When you approach the subject sincerely, since the verse above and the following are talking about the Prophet Jesus, this one apparently refers to him as well.  The ones who take themselves for smart say “any one of the Muslims is meant there” by the part which states “he is only a servant”.  They say “this part may be referring to the Prophet Moses (pbuh) for the part which states “We made an example for the tribe of Israel.” They may come up with various explanations. 

If We wished We could appoint angels in exchange for you to succeed you on the earth. (Surat az-Zukhruf: 60)
They have been saying that there will be angels with Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and that they will be visible but Allah says for such a situation that, “He would appoint angels in exchange for them to succeed them on the earth”. If there is to be an angel beside Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) then there wouldn’t be any need for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) anyway; the angel would be succeeding on the earth says Allah.   Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would have said “you lead them” to the angel directly. That is because the angel would be innocent. Angel would be taking revelations directly from Allah. 

He is a Sign of the Hour. Have no doubt about it. But follow Me. This is a straight path. (Surat az-Zukhruf : 61)

Here our brothers who are fond of making explanations say how do we know that it is the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) who is referred to by the word “he”? Isn’t that how the verses go on?  Since there is no other prophet to come, since our Prophet (saas) is the last prophet, if there is to be a sign for the Hour then it should be our Prophet (saas). But even though our Prophet (pbuh) is the last prophet, Allah sends the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) as a prophet with the condition that he would come without a Book. Since Allah does not refer to our Prophet (saas) as a sign, that means the Sign of the Hour is Jesus the Messiah (pbuh).  Allah forbids having doubts about it.

Do not let satan bar your way. He truly is an outright enemy to you. (Surat az-Zukhruf : 62)

Allah says do not let satan to lead you to abnormal thoughts, abnormal behaviors, do not abide by the satan. This also refers to the anti-Christ. It will be the anti-Christ that the Jesus Messiah will struggle against anyway. It will be satan in the form of a human being.

And when ‘Isa came with the Clear Signs, he said, ‘I have come to you with Wisdom and to clarify for you some of the things about which you have differed. Therefore have taqwa of Allah and obey me. (Surat az-Zukhruf: 63)

See that the verses go on by mentioning the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). He says  “I have come to you with Wisdom”, that is he has come with the Qur’an. The Qur’an in fact is the Wisdom. [Allah is beyond their claims] They say that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is Allah, they have fallen into dispute about that. They have fallen into dispute regarding the belief in the trinity. They have fallen into dispute about many other points, and they have been separated into various sects. 

And there is not one of the People of the Book who will not believe in him before him before he dies; and on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against them. ( Surat an-Nisa': 159 )

The entirety of Jews and Christians will believe. This will occur in case of world domination.

They will say,  “A Jew will say that he believes in the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) before he dies.“  Doesn't the Qu'ran say that believing at the moment of death would not be valid? A Jew in his death bed at the hospital, suddenly thinks of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and says “Jesus, I believe in you.“   This will not be accepted because it will not have a meaning. And why does he have to believe in the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) at the very last moment?  He also has to believe in the Prophet Muhammad (saas). If the purpose is to rescue this human being, he is not rescued by that. Believing in the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will not change anything, because the People of the Book don't believe in Hazrat Muhammad (saas) either. This is a far-fetched interpretation. They should behave honestly in this case. They make an explanation that is not appropriate to the Qu'ran and doesn’t have any purpose. The Qu'ran would not tell us things without purpose.
Those soldiers while wandering around the streets in Afghanistan feel like doing so and they go and shoot a Muslim. They shout at them saying “run” and then discuss who will be the one to shoot at him, they play the hunter. They have had a dispute in between themselves in a drug party and since one of them got angry with the others he came up and said “these men are shooting men just for the fun of it”. Completely by convenience, this is how they learnt about it. They have cut the fingers of the men they shot and have them dried and preserve them as souvenirs. Those men praise themselves in that.
“Hiding and fear are both hypocrisy, but there is no hypocrisy in performing the obligatory acts of religion. The obligatory act of greatest importance at the present time is Islamic Unity. …”

This biggest religious duty has become a point which is least spoken about. They don’t talk about this subject at all even though it is the biggest religious duty. They do not even mention the Islamic Union.
The person of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), who is present with his human body in the world of the heavens, will come to lead the current of true religion, as, relying on the promise of One Powerful over all things, the bringer of sure news has said. Since he has told of it, it is true, and since the One Powerful over all things has promised it, He will certainly bring it about… (Letters, Fifteenth letter, p. 79)
The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) who is there with his human body that is with his flesh and bones, even if he had actually been dead.
 He is in the skies, that is the sky of the earth. It doesn’t say for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) that he is on the land. He is in the skies. In the Presence of Allah. Not with his dead body but as an alive being, it says. 
The major result: the coming of the Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the descent of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is a major result. Allah will send him even if he were dead says Said Nursi. 
Bediuzzaman says “ Even if he were dead as you say and even if he were sent to the farthest corner of the Hereafter, Allah will send him nevertheless”.
He says both that he is alive and that he is in the skies with his human body. He says that is the promise of Allah in the verses of the Qur’an.

When the Prophet Jesus (as) comes, it is not necessary that everyone should know him to be the true prophet Jesus (as). His elect and those close to him will recognize him through the light of belief.  It will not be self-evident so that not everyone will recognize him. (Letters, Fifteenth Letter, p. 80)
His arrival is definitive, he says. There is no doubt in that statement. 
It is not an obligation for everyone to know when he first comes. His faithful students will recognize him by the light of their faith. Or else they won’t recognize him in the extent of clarity.  They do not recognize Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) when he first comes and they do not recognize the anti-Christ either. Sufyan came, did you recognize him? You did not. People followed him. He established a committee and devastated the Islamic world. He created havoc for people.  He was there, so was his committee and his doings. You have seen the face of the sufyan, you held his hand: sufyan is not a collective entity, he is an individual. There is the pharaoh, first he doesn’t have any doings. But then he devastated humanity. The principle is to remove the wreckage he has caused. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will remove that wreckage.

Sufyan came from Damascus. He was Hafez al-Assad. His appearance is described and Hafez al-Assad is exactly as described. It is said that he would slaughter the Muslims on a wide scale, Muslims all saw the Sufyan. And the anti-Christ is Darwin who caused the whole world to become atheist and irreligious.   His committee consists of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Trotsky.  They caused damage, and they caused wreckage and devastated people. Then comes Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and stops them. First there is cruelty, compulsion, and troubles. These are all portents occurring before the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). In the meantime as he said himself, Bediuzzaman had given a partial struggle about religion but he can only take partial results against the anti-Christ. The work of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) against the anti-Christ is globally effective. The activities of Bediuzzaman would remain in a restrained platform. Activities of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) cover the whole world and finish it completely.  There is a verse to that effect.  Allah says “I will make it prevail the whole world.” He says “ I will place the ones following you on top of the unbelievers until the day of Judgment”. That is the global dominion. This cannot happen in the time of Bediuzzaman. Bediuzzaman says “I came, the imams of the sects came as well and we partially fulfilled the religious part of this task”.  After Bediuzzaman the world became all wretched. PKK appeared after that, so did the strife. A huge devastation occurred on earth. And that devastation had continued after Bediuzzaman as well.  But he partially performed that task. But he says “I am a vanguard soldier of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), I am his pioneer and I am laying the grounds for him.”

Bediuzzaman says that the students of Nur will not completely understand the Resale-i Nur. He says that they will fail to appreciate the Risale-i Nur as is due and that they will fail to perform this task in this respect. “The real owners will come, they will widen this circle and these seeds will then be sprout,” he says. When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) comes, there won’t be anyone to freeze people’s minds, to break their strength and depth by claiming that it will only be a collective identity; there won’t be such incidents. That is because he will explain Bediuzzaman’s works to such an extent that there will be no place for a second explanation.  The ones who cover the truths would be looking for holes to hide themselves.

It could only be a wondrous person with the power of miracles ... And that person will be the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), who is the prophet of the majority of mankind, and whom most people follow. (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station, p. 109)

He says that he will be showing miracles and will also be accepted by the majority. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is a Prophet deeply loved by Christians and Muslims. That constitutes approximately 80% of the whole world. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is the person who will refute the anti-Christ and solve this.
The person of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), who is present with his human body in the world of the heavens, will come to lead the current of true religion, as, relying on the promise of One Powerful over all things, The Bringer of sure news has said. Since he has told of it, it is true, and since the One Powerful over all things has promised it, He will certainly bring it about… (Letters, Fifteenth letter, p. 79)

You have been telling that he is dead, that you have buried him. But here it says he will assume the leadership. Are we to believe Bediuzzaman or you?  The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) who is alive and in the skies with his human body. Would a prime minister be dead by the time he takes the lead? A leadership, taking the lead is mentioned here. If you misinterpret this then you might as well misinterpret the verses about performing prayers (salat), you might as well misinterpret the Qur’an and may Allah forbid, you can misinterpret Allah. Just like the atheist Masons referring to a total energy. Then there wouldn’t be a religion left anyways.

The descent of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is one of the most important topics discussed in the world. Allah refers to this in the verse. This constitutes an important subject matter for debate among the Christian world, among the Evangelicals, Catholics and the Orthodox.  That is also an important debate in the Islamic world. The occupation of Iraq occurred because of a belief in a false Messiah. That is the reason for all that bloodshed.  That is the reason why Saddam has been overthrown and the reason of their desire to occupy Iran and that is the reason at the core of their desire to occupy Syria. But we have intercepted all these insha'Allah. 
People are having pleasure and fun. They do not know the reason of the bloodshed in Iraq or the reason of the bloodshed in Afghanistan. They do not know the intensity of the pressure applied in the Middle East.  Quite a lot of people are after having fun and pleasure. They do not understand anything before the trouble hits them.  There is a wretchedness in Pakistan.  There is a wretchedness stemming from war, from people being set at loggerheads.  And there is also the wretchedness coming from the American occupation, Russian occupation.  All these are movements conducted from a single center.  An erroneous Messiah belief lies at the root of all those, their not wanting the progression of Islam lies at the root. But the majority of people live in their own worlds.  An awful amount of Muslim blood is shed, mothers are wailing, young girls are being raped. Their fingers are ripped off at the streets and people are martyred.  The American youth, the French youth is having fun in Paris and in here and there, and in their worlds. People fail to evaluate the events. They fail to see the depth. They need to look compassionately towards Muslims, they need to feel for their own brothers.  Thousands of American soldiers, European soldiers have died. One should not say "What is it to me, let the snake that doesn't touch me live for a thousand years" They are not aware where the troubles are coming from.  Once they become aware of it, it is possible for them to take precautions, for that reason we need to tell them about these insha'Allah. 
It is not known that the system of Messiah is the most important point. If you ask the man who smokes nargile (hookah) "how much blood have been shed here?" He would probably be unaware. You ask him; "uncle, why are those women being raped, why are these kids being martyred, why do all these happen?" he replies by saying "how would I know, I just am smoking my nargile". One should try to understand the things he doesn't know. These people openly say; since we think that the Jesus Messiah will come in this region, since we believe that the people living here constitute the army of the anti-christ, we are cleansing this region. However Muslims struggle against the anti-christ, they are not aware of this. They just learnt it after we told them. We tell them that Christianity was an old Islamic religion and that they all were Muslims before their religion was distorted and they get surprised because they did not know these. 

In the narrations are various different prophecies about the Mahdi (May Allah be pleased with him), who is one of the signs of the end of time and will be from the Family of the Prophet. In fact, some scholars and saints stated long ago that he had appeared.
    Allah knows best what is right, one interpretation of these various narrations is this: the Great Mahdi will have numerous functions. He will carry out duties in the world of politics, the world of religion, the world of government, and in the many spheres of the world of struggle. Similarly, since every century at a time of despair, people are in need of a sort of Mahdi to strengthen their morale or for the possibility of a Mahdi appearing at that time to assist them, through Divine mercy, every age or perhaps every century a sort of Mahdi has appeared from among the Prophet’s (PBUH) descendants, and preserved his forefather’s Shari‘a and revived his Sunna. The narrations about the Mahdi are various because Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) saw persons who would perform some of the Great Mahdi’s works; for example, the ‘Abbasid Mahdi in the world of politics, and Gawth al-A‘zam, Shah Naqshband, the four spiritual poles, and Twelve Imams in the world of religion. For this reason some of the people of reality said that he had already appeared.

From the family of the prophet: from the line of our Prophet (saas). In the hadiths, it is explicitly stated that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be from the line of our Prophet (saas). 

In fact, some scholars and saints stated long ago that he had appeared:

 They say he came in the past, everything is over. 
The Great Mahdi has many tasks:  The Great Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is different, he has many tasks not only one. 

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