Islamic world in a fractured state


Al Baghdadi – June 29 - 2008 

Reporter: Muslims are subject to massacres as previously in Bosnia Herzegovina. Now in Iraq, Aghanistan, and Palestine.  What tasks should be carried out in in your opinion? 

Adnan Oktar: It is forbidden 
(haram) for Muslims not to carry out their practices in unity and solidarity. Haram is a command, a ruling. So it is a religious obligation according to the Qur’an for Muslims to perform their actions in unity, in complete brotherhood, and to assemble themselves in the vicinity of a leader.Muslims are not practising this. Muslims are going to perform this duty. So this is why I am pointing out that under the leadership of Turks, in other words the Turkish nation, a Turkish Islamic Union should form. Every state should remain as national governments. Each state should act independently within its borders, but a spiritual leader should be at the head of all. Because the Christians have a Pope, a leader. It is thus necessary for Muslims to have a spiritual leader. In the event of a leader at the head of this spiritual unity, this turmoil and fitna (mischief) will terminate with ease. If in any part of the world  Muslims suffer harm to even a tip of their finger so to speak, subsequently this supression will come to a halt as all Muslims will operate in unity and solidarity.But if they are partitioned into fragments, and work in parallel to a policy of divide and rule, then obviously it will be very easy to swallow small portions. However, it is impossible to gulp down a united block of the Muslim world. Muslims must carry out this religious obligation as soon as possible


Vakit – May 28 – 2010 

ERBAKAN: Islamic World Is In a Fractured State


The 19th International Muslim Communities Union Council in Beylikduzu Istanbul paved way for a speech by the General Chairman of Saadet Party, Numan Kurtulmus, who said, "The most critical solution to the supression placed on the Islamic World through global imperialism, is the termination of military tutelage regimes atop countries and total establishment of national sovereignty.” The former general chairman of the now closed Refah (Prosperity) Party, Necmettin Erbakan also recalled on the "Refah-Yol (Prosperity-Path) Coalition" era , stating that his cabinet in office was the most successful.

Commenting on the partitioned state of the Islamic nations today, Erbakan said, "The Islamic World today is fractured. Several have domestic issues. Their administrations are collaborationist".

15 delegates from Islamic countries met with Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan, the leader of Milli Görüş (The National View) movement, at the 19th meeting of International Muslim Communities Union Council staged by the Economic Social Research Centre in Istanbul. 500 foreign delegates from 75 different countries and regions were met by 84 year old Erbakan...

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