The leaders of the Turkish World meet in Istanbul

What He Said?What Happened?

Cay TV -July 23, 2008
Adnan Oktar: This is so natural. Our religion is one, our language is one, everything between us is alike, we come from the same roots, and we are brothers but we are separate. Today if we tell  Azerbaijan ‘let’s all unite’, they wouldn’t think twice before approving and accepting our offer. Therefore it only needs to be formally requested. In other words two states would unite as one nation, with ease. There are no visible obstacles. The same goes for  Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan , Turkmenistan, East Turkestan all of which will gain tranquility from this unity, the Islamic world, Iraq and Syria are also eager to unite with Turkey. The only matter is for Turkey  to clearly emphasize this, that is to say to put a label to it. A  request is all that is necessary for this.

Ekin TV -January 29, 2009
Adnan Oktar: There is one solution to this. One and only solution physically and spiritually: the Turkish Islamic Union. With the leadership of Turkey,  with the support of the Turkish states, and yes, a a great and enormous unity embracing all Islamic countries, a great Islamic Union. This formation will be the world’s most honest, respected, trusted, the most dignified super structure. In other words, we are from the same descent, same religion, same race, so we are identical all in all. There are several doors, let those doors be opened. Let the doors of Azerbaijan be opened, doors of Georgia,  doors of Iran,  doors of Iraq and Syria. Turkestan’s doors be opened. Let’s visit them with ease and comfort and deal in trades to the upmost, talk with them, share opinions with them, they are a piece of us,  our brothers, they are our vital organs just like our kidneys, so to speak. That is why when we head to the entrance, to doors, why must we show passworts, let’s pass with our cars stress free. 

Yeni Safak  - September 16, 2010
From an accord of language to an
accord of destiny

 Turkiye - September 16, 2010
Turkish leaders are in Çırağan


   Zaman - September 16, 2010
The dream of Turkish Council is
coming true
is Istanbul

The Turkish Cooperative Council in Istanbul has officially come into life.  On the wake of the 10th summit, organised at the Ciragan Palace, Turkish speaking countries’ head of states held a joint press conference. President Abdullah Gul stated that at at the initial summit of the Turkish speaking countries foreign ministers of these countries communicated in Turkish. Speaking at the meeting, President Gul made reminisince of the gathering to a shared point through common cultural frameworks of the Turkish World and said that they had made important decisions at the summit.  President Abdullah Gul stated that the Turkish speaking countries have now institutionalized and underlined that  in the future gatherings like this will be more frequently sighted.

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