Undetected bombardment of molecules

Our bodies and the whole universe consist of molecules. These molecules move at a pace that cannot be ignored. The speed of molecules that move in empty space exceeds 1000 meters per second; this is equal to the speed of a bullet shot from a gun.  The speeds of the molecules in the room you are in now are approximately 500 meters per second. So we face an extensive molecule bombardment, which continuously hits our face, eyes, and our whole body at an exceedingly high speed. Under normal conditions this extensive bombardment should inflict great pain on us. Because the calculations indicate that the force applied by the stroke of molecules let us say on our eyes is the same as the force applied by the stroke of a block of 1 kg in weight. But we continue our life with ease and without feeling anything. We are not even aware of the quick movements of molecules that surround us. This is because Almighty Allah has created us with the perfect features suitable for these conditions.

A condition in which we sense the molecule bombardment: wind

The movement of molecules can sometimes reach to extents that we can feel. This can be a wind light enough to cool us or strong and severe enough to blow down trees and demolish buildings. Well, how do we feel the wind? We feel the wind for two reasons.

The thrust force of the air

Air molecules that hit one side of our body apply more thrust in comparison to those that hit the other side. In this way, we are pushed towards the way the wind blows. On the contrary, if there is no wind in the air, since equal amount of thrust is applied to all sides, total thrust is zero. In this case, the only effect of molecules hitting our body is the pressure they exert on us. However, thanks to the special structure Allah created us with, our bodies do not as easily detect this equilibrium state.

The wind making us cold

We can even sense light airflows like an exhaled breath, because our skin can sense small changes in temperature. Because one part of our skin -like our hands and face- gets cold more than others, we can understand where the airflow comes from.  Now why do airflows make us cold? If there is no airflow, the molecules in the air layer that surrounds our body shift a lot less and we do not feel this flow. Because even though there are millions of collisions in a second, the molecules can only move by one centimeter. However, in the presence of wind all of the molecules that make up the layer of air surrounding our body move in the same way with the thrust and are replace by cooler air. Since the new layer  contactsthe skin and will heat up, it has the effect of increasing our heat loss.

The other reason is that the wind draws the water steam surrounding our skin away. This vaporization leads to a chill as it emits heat to the environment. This is the reason that we feel the airflow more on our wet or sweaty skin.  Similarily our body sweats to cool down and we can cool hot soup by blowing.

Why do we not feel the molecules when they hit our body?

The answer to this is hidden in the miracle of Creation in our body. The reason is because our nerves have a threshold for pressure.  The same nerves that send signals of pain to our brain are not triggered by atmospheric pressure or in other words the pressure caused by molecules hitting our body.. Nerve cells only produce signals in situations where pressure increases beyond a certain threshold.

In addition to this, Almighty Allah created nerve cells in great accordance with external influences. For example, if we continuously press our arm with our finger, we feel the sensation decreasing gradually and vanishing over time. This is no doubt a great blessing. Otherwise, the sense of touch caused by our clothing would send too many unnecessary signals that we are unable to cope with, and we would be uncomfortable with our clothing all the time.

Movement of molecules is not random

Molecules, which slide over one another in the form of liquid, disperse from one another in the form of gas and get closer to one another in the form of solid, they move in the order determined by Almighty Allah. Molecules that form a glass never scatter and fragment. A certain level of heat is required to break the glass down into molecules.

The level of heat that makes the water disperse into individual  molecules is also precise. The same amount of heat does not have the same effect on the container in which the water is. Therefore, we can easily boil water in a pot. A higher degree of heat is required to breakdown the pot into its molecules.  Water turned into water is composed of molecules that move away from one another.. Since these molecules are on the move they can easily spread around and that is why you can smell of food cooking in the kitchen from the back room.

Almighty Allah created everything with a measure

If this sensitive balance, which scientists call “law of nature” did not exist, nothing in the universe, including the proteins in our body and the molecules forming the cells, would stay stable. In addition, if we felt the speed of movement of these molecules and they hit us all the time, life would be very difficult for us.  We would constantly try to stop the molecules that make up our body and environment, both splitting apart and simultaneously also from hurting us by hitting us.  Thus we would not be able to do anything else. However, Almighty Allah created everything with an order and in flawless harmony. This is a sign of the power of Almighty Allah as revealed in one verse:


“… Allah takes account of everything.” (Surat an-Nisa, 86)

2010-10-25 10:28:55

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