Davutoglu: ''We are one big family''

Ekin TV, January 12, 2009

Adnan Oktar: There is a master of everything, right? For example, there is a specialist mixing the dough and there is the hammersmith for iron. There is a master of leadership. This is the Turkish people. Turkey is the leader country in the Turkish-Islamic world. And the leader always has to take up his position openly. If there is a search for a leader, then this is a mischief and leads to conflict. However the leader is apparent and out in the open and this is Turkey’s right. We also have the Holy relics. We also have the experience. Praise be to Allah, we have a very large crew of very god-fearing and educated intellectuals . We are a very reasonable nation. We are a conservative, merciful, compassionate, enduring nation, and we enjoy service and people’s happiness. If you pay attention, whereever we go, we strive for peace and reunification. They call us wherever we go and ask for peacemaking. For instance, Israel calls us, Syria comes and calls us, Algeria comes and calls us. Why do they call us? Because they know that we are the natural leader. Of course then we will say that Turkey should lead the head. Turkey should be the leader. Turkic states are one nation that has been artificially divided. WE ARE ONE FAMILY, AND THIS IS OUR FAMILY JOB. We do something about it as a family, we do something about the Turkish-Islamic Union. Of course, we will unite with the Turkish world, with our brothers, with our family, and embrace our family in this grand Islamic world and protect them. I mean, with whom are we going to do this? There is a strong, healthy, sincere, open hearted, brave and devoted nation who is seeking service. We are servants, we are serving. We are going to be servants. Servants of Islamic world. That’s all, we do not claim that we have some superiorities in our genetic structure or that we are superior in blood or in race. We do believe that Allah has created everyone in equal. But we are an agreeable nation in the sense of morality, fear of Allah, leadership and good morals. This has already been witnessed. It is false to deny this. This is what the eyes see, even a child can see. And this is not what we say, but what the Islamic world has been saying. This is what the Turkish world has been saying. They say “come and become the leader”. We did not show up on our own. They say it themselves. We have the heritage. We are the heir of the Ottomans, we are their descendants. Therefore, we will try to do this beautiful duty. And when we didn’t do this, people suffered. The whole Turkish world suffered, the Islamic world suffered. And they are stil sufferring, they are all wretched and calling for help. It is an obligation to help the one calling for help. Come, let’s get united and let’s save them at once.

Timeturk, August 06, 2010

Davutoglu Sets Goals of The Turkish World


With these words, Davutoglu answered the question of a journalist asking “There has been a great collaboration with the countries in the Turkish world recently. Is this collaboration going to be institutionalized in the following days?” as follows:

“The preparatory work of institutionalization has started last year after the Nakhchivan Summit. InshaAllah, in this year’s summit, Secretariat of the Council of the Turkish World will be constituted permanently in Istanbul… When the secreteriat is constituted, there will be a unity in deeds as well as the unity in religion, language and culture. And inshaAllah, there will be a cooperation in all these issues as a single voice. If Kyrgyzstan has a problem, it is not Kyrgyzstan’s but Turkey’s problem, Azerbaijan’s problem, Khazakstan’s problem.” said Davutoglu, and he went on his words as such:

“The dignity of Azerbaijan is the dignity and success of all countries sharing the common culture such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. Their success is our success. Their problem is our problem. We consider themselves strong when Azerbaijan gains strength. From the Mountains of God to the Mountains of Bey until Taurus Mountains, we share the same geography and breathe in the same place. And it will become more institutionalized inshaAllah”.

Davutoglu also answered the questio “is there any particular reason for you to prefer Bodrum for the meeting?” and said “We are together in every official meeting. We wanted to get out of this atmosphere and chat with families and talk. We are one big family. We are family from the Mountains of God to the Balkans. InshaAllah, from now on, we may also have meeting in different locations”.

2010-11-04 22:26:17

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