Mr. Erdogan called Islamic countries to use their financial resources for good

Kordon TV,  July 27- 2008

Adnan Oktar: Islamic countries are very wealthy, they do not know where to spend their money. That is, they invest their money in incredible fields and the people are in trouble.  Indeed, they have come to a point of not knowing where they spend their money. They go and invest their money in British banks, American banks. That is, they have huge amounts of money. If they only had the spirit of the Turkish-Islamic Union, those people would know where to invest their money.

Turkiye, September 6- 2010


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the member countries of Islamic Conference Organisation had so far made an aid commitment of 1 billion dollars to Pakistan that fights against the flood disaster and added that this is a ridiculous figure. Erdogan criticized the Islamic countries and said: “I wonder what those countries that say they have oil, the Islamic world are doing? What percentage of the oil pour here? No offence but you have not discovered this oil. It is a blessing. Will we use it to fortify our sultanate? When shall we use it if we do not use it now, if not for the miserable state of Pakistan? That is why our duty is heavey, our responsibility is very grave.”

2010-11-06 22:26:37

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