Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 20 September 2010

  • Adiyaman Asu TV, 20 September 2010

  • Allah reveals in the verse, “If any of the idolaters ask you for protection, give them protection.” But in this case, these people are not polytheists; they are the People of the Book, who are entrusted to us. If you interfere with their prayers, then they interfere with yours. The dajjal (antichrist) would come out ahead from this. Prayers are not to be interfered with; let them perform their religious services as they wish. However, the belief in trinity troubles us; we want them to abandon that belief. The number of people who share our idea is increasing.
  • In the End Times people will be in favor of the evil and against the good. There is a hadith stating that the good will be slandered and the evil will be praised. Sheikh Nazim is one of the nicest of men. He is Qutb al-Aktab. He is a person who has connection with Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) and the realm of the jinns. Many jinns are under his command; I know this personally. He says (in the video about me) that ours is a very perfect service. He says that there is an income, an inspiration. I truly have a cell in my house. This happened after Sheikh Nazim told about it. But I did not do it on purpose; it happened to be so naturally, due to the structure of the house. I had to do my studies about the Qur’an in there; and this place is like a cell with walls covered with stones. There is a pen and some paper next to the Qur’an and I always take notes. I write as I read. Our master said, “It will not narrow; but it will improve and progress continuously.” Yesterday, once again, I realized astonishing secrets in the Qur’an; I have been reading the Qur’an for years and even though I have seen thirty separate meanings of a verse, I looked and realized yet another very important meaning; there are still many secrets. I always perform the prayer with full ablution; this is a characteristic of mine and he also knew that right. He says that I am one of the saint-like (wali) people; he is holding good opinion about me. There were so many hypocrites telling news about me and slanders about me; he brought shame on them each time and brought them into contempt. My master sees through the hearts. Now, he says “You are like a bud”; truly in that time the majority was against me; they were looking at me with a psychology of prison, I had just come out of the mental hospital and there were many against me; but despite all these he told me “You will progress.” Today, millions of people in two hundred countries including America, Russia and Mexico read my books. This has been instrumental in a great growth in faith. Everything he told in 1987 happened exactly as he told.
  • This world is a place of trial. People will remember the happiness in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) wishing it lasted for always, but there has always been disbelief, blasphemy and hypocrisy. There is no trial without hypocrites, disbelief and blasphemy. There is no trial without these. To whom are we going to tell the verses about disbelief? There will be unbelievers and hypocrites so that we can understand their soul. We appreciate goodness better when we see unbelievers and hypocrites. One appreciates cleanliness better when one sees a dirty place.
  • A subject is not explained via religion to a person who does not believe in religion. You should collapse [the false idea] with science and then he or she would be satisfied through science.
  • They are trying to get the region to become communist. They know that they cannot make Turkey communist. The real reason is that that place is known as the place where Armageddon will take place. They have been waiting for Armageddon for years. They are thinking about drowning my brothers and sisters in a sea of blood. That place is also mentioned in the Gospel. Iraq and a part of Syria are also included; therefore that place has to be ripped away [according to their idea].
  • They want it to break up but they do not calculate for Armageddon. If you are only a small group there, the Evangelics would destroy you. They would level you to the ground. They would not be as compassionate and kind as the Turkish army. The Turkish army is very regardful; always thinking “Let nothing happen to women and to children.” The Turkish army would not want to harm even goats and chickens. But the Evangelic army would destroy and not be concerned about your well-being. We saw what the Evangelic army did to mosques in Iraq. The men entered the mosques with their boots on and they used the mosques like hotels; it would be a scandal if we told about each of them. The things they did to Iraqi women are incomprehensible; they publish it on youtube from time to time; they are boasting about what they did.
  • The Evangelics also consider the Jews as zero. “We will first pick a war between Muslims and Jews and then the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come and hundreds of thousands of bombs will be thrown from the sky,” they say. Both normal and nuclear bombs… Many nuclear warheads are stocked in America; they want to use those. They are troubled because they could not use these bombs. They want to use them as soon as possible. That man called Apo [PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan], that baby killer, is laying the grounds for this. I will not surrender my people into the hands of communists. That man makes a claim to them but I am the true one to look after them. We are one as a nation.
  • USA would not want a communist state being established in the Southeast [region of Turkey]. It would destroy it with one blow. It is needed as a suitable ground for Armageddon. Those people there being communist would be a reason for Armageddon. George Bush is talking about the people there when he says, “Gog and Magog have emerged.” He will destroy and shed those people’s blood. I do not think that Abdullah Ocalan is unaware of this. But he does not care. USA would not allow a communist state being established there. The aim is to prepare an infrastructure for Armageddon. They think, they will make the people there seem as communists and then destroy them. They will say to their own people, “Look, there are communists here; Gog and Magog have emerged. We are (supposedly) following Allah’s command.” There will be a great bloodshed.
  • I have a unifying perspective. There is no group that I isolate. There is no exclusion in my view. I feel compassion towards everyone, even towards communists. I do not wish any harm coming to them as well.
  • Burning the USA flag for protest is wrong. Then they would come and burn your flag. Flag is sacred; it should never be burned. What would we do if they burned our flag? We would be very disturbed, would we not? So they do not want their flag to be burned. Criticize and explain with the verses of the Qur’an and the Bible. Tell them about the way we looked after the People of the Book, in the time of our Prophet (saas) and in the Ottoman period. But burning flags is wrong.
  • (About the news that US soldiers kill Muslims in Afghanistan for fun)
  • They do not see Muslims as human beings and they state this openly. Allah makes everyone hear through my words that the solution to this is the Turkish-Islamic Union. They are still hesitating. Could USA play a game of killing Muslims, had there been a Turkish Islamic Union? They could not even move a finger. But they are very reckless about killing now. It would be very easy to crush in case of disunion; “divide and swallow up” is a classic. Now, when Afghanistan is being crushed, other countries watch this with fear. And when another is being crushed, others watch it with fear. Some collect fingers, some collect ears. They make a necklace out of finger bones and they are boasting about that. Some scholars say, “Let them kill us, we will go to Paradise, so there is no need to put a struggle.” Our Muslim brothers should look out for one another and avoid bigotry.
  • Bigotry is very dangerous. This is the Evangelics’ plan. They want to turn Muslims into a repulsive society by drowning them in bigotry, and then they will crush them. That is because in the mentality of bigotry, there is cutting and shredding the Shiah, the Wahabi, Christians and Jews. Then one says, “I will defend myself.” They want to set out an excuse for Armageddon. We are preventing this excuse.
  • They set a person to bother a society before they crush that society. They set the psychopath Saddam to bother Iraq before they crushed Iraq. Saddam was USA’s man. Saddam did all sorts of psychopathic acts in Iraq. USA said “Should I crush the heads of these people as gendarme or not?” They said as a chorus, “Crush them of course.” They said, “this is how to crush” and Baghdad was put on fire in line with the statements in the Bible. They did that. This was an act of worship for them. Now, bloodshed is needed in the Southeastern Turkey and the grounds for that need to be set.
  • They established Israel for Armageddon; this is why they keep it. And I protect those people because I have pity on them. They laid the ground first, in Afghanistan too. They tried to influence Turkey with certain individuals and we prevented that also. They are troubled with the prolonging of the coming of Armageddon so they need to break up Turkey as soon as possible. The Southeastern region of Turkey needs to be pulled apart. They will provoke a revolt and then say, “We can do it the best. Since they are communists, we can crush them perfectly.” They think that they will get a “yes” from Turkey, and that Iran will say “yes” as well. Then they will say, “let us show you how terror and anarchists should be destroyed.” They want to destroy all of our Kurdish brothers and crush them like a bulldozer and spill blood like a flood; this is what they want. When we ask, “why did you do it?” they say that it is written in the Bible. However, there is no bloodshed in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will prevent this. We are struggling as much as we can as vanguards of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha’Allah. I do not give information about the background, but we did a lot of work in the background mostly.
  • Everyone should look out for our brothers and sisters in the Southeast Anatolia. We should all prevent this Armageddon plan, which will lead to their massacre and destruction. Our brothers who are conscious and wise, who are patriots, who love people and defend beauty and peace; they should help us for sure. It is not right to sit and watch.
  • They will understand that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is true also from this. They have been preparing for Armageddon for centuries. They have been preparing for approximately 1800 years; and they say that this is the last period. The portents of the End Times have really been realized; that’s true. But it is satan who wants to shed blood. Everyone knows that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) would not want to shed blood. It is also stated in the Torah that King Messiah will not shed blood. He will rule from his home and he will be very compassionate and merciful. You say that you want to shed blood but Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not let you do so.
  • Bilderberg is the world government. Bilderberg is the legal section of this. There is also the deep world state; they do not take openly known leaders seriously and make them carry out only some shallow jobs. This actual deep world state is separate. It takes orders from satan and they shed blood when it is required. Everyone is angry with Bush but Bush is a poor-fellow. He says “He told me ‘Oh Bush, go and shed blood’ so I did.” What he calls God is something with horns. They think that satan is Allah (surely Allah is beyond that) and satan truly appears to them. They fear satan so they do whatever he wants. What satan wants is blood. Even a child would understand [how erroneous it is] to shed blood till it reaches to the height of a horse’s neck. Why should people be in blood?
  • Turkey is not suitable at all for Armageddon because our people are full of love and far from violence. This is why they want to pull that region off as soon as they can. Evangelics dominate the American foreign policy, the CIA and the FBI. They direct all foreign policy according to the distorted Gospel. They say that the water of the Euphrates being cut is a prophecy of the Bible coming true and that now it is time for Armageddon. Ocalan also says that there will be a lot of trouble and that he would no longer be a part of this. His not being a part is igniting the wick for Armageddon. You cannot. We say this because we know something.

    Kahramanmaras Aksu TV, 20 September 2010
  • Turkey is a spiritual super power; it is the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union, with truths from the Qur’an and love. European countries did not say so before; they have been saying this for 2 years now. This progress will continue as Allah has a plan.
  • (About the news that Muslims are shot in Afghanistan for pleasure) The man is eating his pastry, drinks his milk and watches this, in a mood saying “Let the snake that doesn’t harm me live forever.” Then he talks about how meticulous he is about his prayers and using the miswaq. They say, “They shot Afghan people for pleasure” but there are also those who caused them to be shot. Those who make them shoot are those who watch. Let us assume that a rabid dog came inside; if I close the door it would not be able to get in. I left the door open and there are kids sleeping inside. If you do not close the door, then you too would be responsible for that child’s death. He who leaves the door open is that much responsible. Those who do not prevent those who shoot Muslims for pleasure are as responsible as the actual shooters. They will be judged in the Hereafter as those who made them shoot. Many people do not take an interest in this. Reports say, “Bloody Sunday in Iraq, 40 dead” many people do not even care about this. Many do not even know. They only think whether or not his money will be enough to buy some drinks at the club; that is it. A person who suffers a pang of conscience in the face of such reports is a true Muslim. A person who does not feel, then that is a completely different type of person. Did you try to stop the blood and violence in the world? Do you have the means? You did not. And when blood and violence come, you ask why it came.
  • Having a Muslim identity card is one thing, and being a conscious and wise Muslim is another. Muslimhood like the one practiced by the Companions of the Prophet (saas) will be achieved in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).
  • The characteristic of the communist organization is that it targets the religious. Communists consider faith in Allah and religion as enemy (surely Allah is beyond that) and they struggle against.
  • The dajjal (anti-christ) caused and completed its destruction and in order to put away the ruins Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has to come. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not stop the dajjal when he is still active. The dajjal will cause his destruction, then Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will do the repair. Likewise, the dajjal does not come when Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) exists. How could he? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would destroy him. But his ways open up after the death of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).
  • This will continue victoriously despite those who depart. His [Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh)] opponents and those who leave him will do him no harm... (Transmitted by Hazrat Jabir (ra); Great Portents of the Judgment Day, 487/6)

Islam will continue to spread like a snowball. Strength comes to Muslims as hypocrites leave. Hypocrites cannot do anything,     but they only grovel like scabby weasels. This is also true with hyaenas as they walk arching their backs. They cause no harm to Muslims.

  • It is narrated from Sawban (ra); the Messenger of Allah (saas) said: A community from my ummah will continue on the truth getting the best of falsehood until Allah’s command is realized and those who leave them without help will not be able to harm them. (Sunan at-Tirmidhi, 4/91)

    As Allah reveals in the verse, “until the religion belongs to Allah alone and there is no more fitna,” in other words until Islam dominates the world, they will continue to struggle against Darwinism and materialism by overcoming the falsehood. Hypocrites will pass by looking like scabby jackals. Scabby weasels monitor from a distance.
  • Abdullah ibn Umar Yamani relates from one account that Imam Muhammad Bakr said: “YOU WILL BE CLEANSED AS KOHL IS CLEANSED FROM THE EYE, O SHIITES OF THE FAMILY OF MUHAMMAD. And the owner of the eye knows when he will apply the kohl to his eye, but he does not know when he will remove it. IN THE SAME WAY, HE WHO FOLLOWS OUR LAW AND COMMANDS IN THE MORNING WILL ABANDON THEM IN THE EVENING. AND HE WHO FOLLOWS OUR LAW AND COMMANDS IN THE EVENING WILL ABANDON THEM IN THE MORNING. (Sheikh Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Numani, al-Ghaybah al-Numani, p. 241)

    When the person gets up in the morning, there is kohl on the eyes. Everyone in the time of our Prophet (saas) had it. They wash that. He sees the people who come to his community but he does not know when those bedraggled people will leave.

    AND HE WHO FOLLOWS OUR LAW AND COMMANDS IN THE EVENING WILL ABANDON THEM IN THE MORNING: In the evenings, they run away like weasels. It is not certain when the hypocrites will run away. They are temperamental.
  • "... you will be sieved out, in the same way gold is sieved out, and like gold you will be purified and uncontaminated…” (Sheikh Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Numani, al-Ghaybah al-numani, p. 236)

    The gold will stay above and the dirt will fall down. The students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will stay above and hypocrites will fall down.
  • Being told in preference for the word “together” is because of two things. First, they have to ask for protection due to weaknesses and infirmities. Secondly, opening the secrets of the believers by feeling a need to cause mischief… “Devils” This title is a sign that their leaders hide like devils and tell suggestions and that they are as harmful as devils and that they cannot think of anything but evil like devils.

    They watch continuously from a distance and they are in weakness. They want money, food, and protection from fear. They live with whoever offers them protection.

    Secondly, opening the secrets of the believers by feeling a need to cause mischeaf…
    He will cause mischief for sure. He thinks about that 24 hours a day. You say, “Struggle for the Turkish-Islamic Union” and he does not. You say, “Struggle against Darwinist, materialist philosophy” and he does not. He turns to whom he sees as most influential; to Muslims. He strives against Muslims with the inspiration of satan. He does not care about unbelievers. On the contrary, he sees unbelievers as an ally. He tells secret information while among Muslims. He tells that information as he regards believers as foe and unbelievers as friend.

    “Devils” This title is a sign that their leaders hide like devils and tell suggestions: He tries to give empty suggestions to people and looks for malice like satan. He continuously says, “How can I prevent the Islamic Union and how can I prevent Muslims?”
  • Even though the people that are addressed with the sentence “When they come across to believers they say ‘we have faith’” are all unbelievers, this sentence is left without being reinforced. The reason for this is a sign that they tell the first sentence (When they come across to believers they say “we have faith”) without love and enthusiasm and the second sentence (“We are actually with you”) with love and enthusiasm.

    When they come across to believers they say, “we have faith” otherwise they do not say this when on their own. Truly deviants.
  • Or do they desire to dupe you? But the duped ones are those who disbelieve. (Surat at-Tur, 42)

    Or, like two-faced dissemblers and cunning atheists, whose natures are corrupted and consciences rotted, do they want to deceive and turn the people from the guidance which they cannot obtain, to trick them, so that they call you either a soothsayer, or possessed, or a sorcerer? Do they want to make others believe what they do not believe themselves? Do not think of these insidious charlatans as human beings, do not be saddened at their wiles and denials, and lose heart. Rather, increase your efforts! For they only trick their own souls and harm themselves. And their successes in evil are temporary; it is a Divine stratagem, drawing them to perdition by degrees. (Words, First Light)

    Hypocrites are trappers. This points to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the End Times. Hypocrites with rotted consciences seek to turn people away from faith since they are not able to find faith. They slander disgracefully in order to bore Muslims but these cause enthusiasm in prophets and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), but it may cause languor in some Muslims. One has to be more enthusiastic. They have temporary successes. He can sue you or talk against you. They come together and seem to succeed. But it is temporary. That success is given as a blessing to get them closer to Hell. His degree in Hell increases while believers’ degree in Paradise increases. This is a trap set for them by Allah.
  • The emergence of the system of the dajjal is the Sunnah of Allah revealed in the Qur’an. The dajjal of the End Times has captured 6.5 billion of the 7 billion people. A lack of faith has dominated in a way that never happened in the world before. There has never been a movement of disbelief this big. There is Darwinism at the roots of this.
  • When we say, “Allah is everywhere” they suppose we say that Allah’s Own Self is everywhere. [What we actually say is that] The manifestations of Allah are everywhere. We see His manifestations. We will never be able to understand the Self of Allah. He manifests Himself in human beings, flowers etc. He is not bound by time or space. How could we know? It’s impossible for us to know Him. We are bound by time and space. There is Allah’s manifestations everywhere; not His Self. No one can conceive His Self. The Earth has a sky. We go to the North Pole and there is the sky and we go to the South Pole and there is the sky; there is sky in Equator and also in the middle of Uranus. Allah is everywhere.
  • We made a contract with Adam before, but he forgot. We did not find that he had a firm resolve. (Surah Ta Ha, 115)

    Allah makes a contract with the Prophet Adam (pbuh). But he has forgotten. “We did not find that he had a firm resolve.” Why? Because there are no unbelievers or hypocrites and no intellectual struggle. Intellectual struggle is the light of a believer. This is how a Prophet with a Book is. The struggle with hypocrites is the struggle with which good rewards are earned the most. The grudge of hypocrites is more severe than that of unbelievers. Unbelievers act with the inspiration of satan but satan covers the hypocrite’s soul completely.

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