Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 22 September 2010

22.09.2010 Samsun AKS TV

Religion is pure wisdom, it is profundity. It is to analyse everything meticulously and to think sincerely. It is the sum of the most beautiful of everything. We cannot see this in bigotry; instead we see darkness, dirt, cruelty, lovelessness and we do not want those.
Our society is not prepared against Darwinist materialist struggle. It has not yet been responded with a scientific approach. It was not responded before September the 12th either; in order for the government to respond the Darwinist materialist philosophy must be eliminated intellectually. Undefeated philosophies continuously progress. And those people are constantly getting spoiled. This cannot be done with vulgar display of power as they would respond a high hand with a higher hand. They would respond insults with insults. The whole world would support a scientific effort. The reason why Denmark, Sweden and Norway support PKK is because they find them philosophically correct. I have started an intellectual struggle against Darwinism in Europe because I consider ideological defeat of Europeimportant. I started this battle from Francebecause it was the bastion of Darwinism. There is no defense against philosophy there and the land is available for it. Anti Marxist struggle should be started as soon as possible. Force can be used any time. When tuberculosis is inside, externally applying cream over the skin would not help.

Pharaoh's army pursued the ProphetMoses (as) and his students. The Prophet Moses (as) came by the seashore, the companions of Moses said “we will surely be overtaken!” The Prophet Moses (as) said “ Never! My Lord is with me.” Just after he said this, he let his staff touch the sea and a gust formed within a short time. This gust gained strength instantly and huge waves formed. And they turned into even bigger waves on the way back. This is wonder upon wonder, because right at that moment, just when they were cornered, the water stopped just in front of them. They walked across the water with no hassle. After they crossed the sea, the Pharaoh’s army hesitated at first; then they entered the water as well and advanced quite a bit. Then right when they reached the center water turned back in huge waves and the sea closed. This is a second wonder. The sea could have been closed just after they passed, it could have been closed right after the army of the Pharaoh entered the water or after they passed across, but none of these happened. The fact that it did close just when they came to the middle of the sea is a second miracle.  Normally they could swim but tsunami waves are very destructive. The strength of the tsunami waves is nothing like the strength of normal water; they have a disastrously destructive effect. The Pharaoh said; I believe in the Lord of Moses and Aaron. Then Allah says “what, now?” This proves that faith gained at the last minute is not acceptable. We can see from here that the Prophet Jesus (as) does not come for dying people to make them gain faith at the last minute; but rather he will come personally for the whole world. There Allah says “We will preserve your body”. Pharaoh did not believe in soul anyway, and Allah preserved his body. His soul went to Hell. Not only his, but the bodies of his entire family have been preserved. This is also a miracle. They could have destroyed their mummies. They could have been damaged, but they have all been preserved to be a Sign for people.

(About the article on boycott preparations against Compulsory religion lessons) They see that Turkey is passing through a difficult period. They see the actions of the PKK and of the others. They see the activities going on in the schools and in the Southeast; and they also see how those put the government through hardship. In such an environment, would a person act soothing or would they act like them? Why shouldn’t my Alawite brother learn about religion? He should learn Christianity, Judaism, Islam and he should also learn what the Twelvers, Sunni, Shia and Wahabi sects are.. He should learn what communism is and what fascism is. One should not fear general culture and knowledge. General culture is an essentially important matter while raising a high quality person. Lack of culture is a severe problem. They should have short information about what is Evangelic, what is Catholic, what is Orthodox, what is Armenian, and also their history.  Based on their degrees at their schools, young people must certainly be encouraged to study for general culture. Cultivated people who enjoy talking should be raised. General culture is a very enjoyable topic. It is a topic that the soul enjoys tastefully. Moreover PKK’s ideology should also be taught at schools. What type of a philosophical system are they based on? Why have they followed Marxist and Leninist ways? And other terrorist organizations such as ETA and others should also be taught. Would such a cultivated person fall in a trap? The alleged Ergenekon Organization was also effective on ignorant people.
•    America gives these weapons but they will be Hazrat Mahdi (as)’s weapons. They are giving these weapons for Muslims to use against each other but Hazrat Mahdi (as) will come out and tell them not to use them. He will not let anyone use these weapons against each other. But he will keep them for a while, then will completely remove them. He will have them decreased in a balance and then have them completely removed. First they will be kept but will not be used, nevertheless they will be kept as a deterrent force.
    When PKK sees the giant Muslim NATO, they will say “we are like fleas. These are lions, let’s slowly slide away.”
    Those who are unbelievers are the friends and protectors of one another. If you do not act in this way there will be turmoil in the land and great corruption. (Surat al Anfal, 73)

 The alleged Ergenekon Organisation, PKK, the hypocrites and unbelievers are each other’s helpers. Muslims, believers, people who love Allah, people who love the Prophet (saas), the Alawites, Bekhtashis, Sunnis, no matter which sect they are, all sincere people will be in unity says Almighty Allah. We see once more that the Islamic Unity is the biggest religious duty. It is the command of Allah.

    Allah loves those who fight in His Way in rankslike well-built walls. (Surat As-Saff, 4)
      Stand shoulder to shoulder. The Alawites, Sunnis, Kurdish, Laz, Circassian; they will always be altogether. You all are the sons of the Prophet Adam (as). You will have all have the truth, beauty and  Rightfulness prevail throughout the world.
 those who respond to their Lord and establish salat,and manage their affairs by mutual consultation and give of what We have provided for them; those who, when they are wronged, defend themselves. (Surat Ash-Shura, 38-39)
What is the of our mothers and sisters in the Southeast Anatolia because of the PKK? To respond to it altogether is the command of Allah on us. We see once more that the Unity of Islam is a religious obligation.

      In a Muslim there is mercy mixed with love. 

2010-11-23 23:04:23

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