Superior creation in horse bones

A racing horse places overwhelming stress on its leg bones, especially at full gallop speed. One might assume that the immense pressure to which the leg bones are exposed could cause them to break at their weak points. However this is not the case due to its superior creation. The burden that is placed on the horse when it is in gallop is largely borne by the third metacarpal bone in its leg. This bone is approximately 25 centimetres long, with one side of its face consisting of holes the size of beans, for blood vessels to run through. Normally in any given structure, the existence of a hollow component is a debilitating factor. When pressure is exerted on rigid bodies, the first area for breakage or damage to occur is at the point of the hole and its immediate surroundings. However, the metacarpal bone in the horse is able to withstand any pressure, without allowing itself to snap or fracture at this hole. Therefore, it eradicates the laws of physics, so to speak. It has been found in laboratory tests, that within the radius of the hole, no visible signs of breakage were apparent, even though the actual bone displayed signs. The reason for this phenomenon can be seen at the microscopic scale, with tissues encompassing the hole being organized in a special order, with the result that any pressure placed on the hole is absorbed and is dispersed throughout the bone. This special structure that guards the horse leg has also attracted the attention of aircraft engineers, because it is vital to strengthen and enhance the holes or hollow sections of the aircraft’s main body, which the aircraft’s electrical cables, fuel and hydraulic pipes run through. Ass. Prof. Dr. Andrew Rapoff has examined ways to solve this problem, and has attempted to imitate the hole of the horse bone through a plate with various materials. His repeated attempts were never a success as the plate through the hole never showed any signs of fracture. Rapoff now views the holes in the aircraft bodies in the same light as the hollow sections in the horse bones. This magnificent formation in the horse, is a fact of creation. There are numerous other great examples like this one, exhibiting the superior artistry of Allah, the All-Mighty. (Harun Yahya, Engineering in Nature)

2010-11-30 16:42:57

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