Esteemed Ahl-al Sunnah scholar Mr. Mehmet Talu: ''I do believe that I would be able to see Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) myself ''

ALTUG BERKER: By the leave of Allah we are now waiting for the awaited Mahdi of the End Times. It is 1431 according to the Hegira calendar, in reference to the hadith which states that “the lifespan of my ummah would not exceed 1500 years”


ALTUG BERKER: There is a 70 years-time for the completion of the lifespan of the ummah and for the realization of the signs of the day judgment. Should we be waiting for Hazrat Mahdi at the moment, Master?

MEHMET TALU  : There are some specific information I have personally attained, there are some certain information, how should I say it, according to some inspirations I have inside I believe that the arrival of the Mahdi (pbuh) has approached  and that I will see him personally by the leave of Allah. 

 ALTUG BERKER:MashaAllah, there is something else that I am curious of Master; is there a lesson or a sentence that you could pass on to us from esteemed Highness Mahmud Efendi about Hazrat Mahdi (as)?
MEHMET TALU: His Highness the Efendi, may Allah leave him on top of us. 



MEHMET TALU: I could say that much; His Highness of course, do believe that Mahdi (as) would come and when I had shared this information with him, and he is my Master, when I shared that information he had confirmed them. For instance when I said the time is approaching he said  "Insha’Allah", I mean he hasn’t said no there is a lot of time for that. 

MEHMET TALU: And from that, from his saying Insha’Allah and not saying no, I believe that the time is very near.   

ALTUG BERKER: Masha’Allah Master, if you could grant me the opportunity I have one more question, we have very little time, should we want to have the Islamic Union right away?

MEHMET TALU: We are obliged to want the Islamic Union for all times. I mean Muslims should always be in unity. But where are they going to be in unity? In Islam , in the command of Almighty Allah; for that to happen everyone should obey Almighty Allah and His Messenger (saas). 

ALTUĞ BERKER: Thank you very much Master, May Allah be pleased with you, thank you very much. 

MEHMET TALU: And I thank you and ask Almighty Allah to deem this short program we have had  instrumental in attaining goodness 

2010-12-15 19:26:56

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