Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated 8 December 2010

People will see Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Islamic Union within the next 10 years. People will see the Prophet Jesus the Messiah (as) descend from the Presence of Allah after 2000 years. This is the most amazing and astonishing thing, a very great phenomenon, something totally wondrous, the End Times will be so colorful and lovely, masha’Allah. But also note the efforts being made to close off the way of the Mahdi. They are trying to cover it up in a state of panic, and also trying to look good. They pick our nation’s sensitive issues. These people say, “Let me be an enemy of the Jews. Even a child of three is my enemy, and I hate them all.” They also regard Christians as people to be killed, with a view to earning merit. When we come to these people’s main concern, we see that they do not know love. They never speak of love or affection. The never speak of Islamic Union or of Turkish-Islamic Union. They always talk about corruption, jealousy and envy. They envy those more prominent than them. They like only themselves, and nobody else.

    Seeing that the spirit of the way of the Mahdi has begun prevailing in Turkey, they are trying to foment backwardness. The spirit of the way of the Mahdi is prevailing, and they are very alarmed, and are trying to create backwardness by imposed and artificial means. They are trying hard, but it cannot happen. Backwardness is what communists, Marxists, atheist freemasons, the alleged organization Ergenekon, various hedonists and people holding other ideas need most of all. They need backward people. It is impossible for them to oppose the truths of Islam in the absence of backwardness. In other words, they have been able to attack the truths of Islam by going on the offensive against backwardness. But they cannot say I am backward when I describe the truths of Islam loudly and clearly and explicitly. A transparent conception of Islam is spreading everywhere, in universities and colleges and everywhere.

Kaçkar TV, 8 December 2010

The Palestinian question cannot be resolved with weak, feeble and passive methods. There can be no solution not based on faith, with no foundation. Allah has shown us the solution to the Palestinian problem; Islamic Union. There is only one solution. It does not matter if Uruguay or Paraguay gives their support if there is no Islamic Union. There has to be a spiritual force, a spiritual. That is a commandment of the Qur’an. There has to be Islamic Union. Once there is Islamic Union, the Palestinian issue will completely be resolved without the need for Uruguay or Paraguay. But it cannot be resolved with rotten methods. If you want to completely liberate Palestine, then you also have to liberate Israel. You also have to liberate Armenia. You have to liberate them all. You cannot discriminate between people. Islamic Union means love and compassions for all servants created by Allah. Islamic Union, or Turkish-Islamic Union, is the name for the system that will liberate Palestine and Israel. Israel is wretched, its people are poor and miserable. And there is no freedom of religion, no freedom of worship. Devout Jews are reviled, oppressed and torn to pieces. Huge walls have turned the place into a prison. Israelis look and see huge walls, not an endless infinity stretching away. Palestinians look and see those same walls. Those walls will be torn down by the power of Turkish-Islamic Union. Otherwise those walls will just grow stronger and stronger. It is a waste of time trying to take action with such hollow and feeble methods. These methods have been used for years and have brought only pain, suffering, insoluble dilemmas and troubles. Even in Arafat’s time they were confined and besieged and suffered terribly. But they got nowhere. Palestine was divided even more, separated into even smaller parts. But if they try and resist Islamic Union, then they will follow a terrible line that will make the whole of the Islamic community cry out. When Allah has explicitly shown the solution, when Islamic Union is so obviously the answer, there can be no question of not saying so and seeking the answer down such dead-ends. Had that been possible the problem would long since have been resolved.

(Regarding the matter of Abkhazia) Turkish-Islamic Union is the fundamental solution, and no other action can produce any results. They will always just lead to misery, bloodshed and tears. If people seek the answer outside the path of which Allah has spoken, then Allah has and will devastate people, as you can see. What you call the Israeli lobby is a handful of irreligious people who are oppressing devout Jews in Israel. A handful of irreligious people opposed to the Torah and the Qur’an. We look at the people in the Armenian lobby, the ones I know, of course, I cannot speak of the ones I do not know, but they are just a group made up of a handful of fascists and communists and run by maniacal atheist freemasons. They have set up an enormous balance in the region with such a tiny force. But the Islamic world contains 1.5 billion people. If a half or just a quarter of that 1.5 billion were to say “I want Islamic Union”, then Islam would rule the world. But they don’t. Some people stand up and add on another 200 years. What do those 200 years mean? Misery for the Islamic world for another 200 years, that is what it is. They are letting Muslims be persecuted for another 200 years. When I speak of the Israeli lobby, I am referring to irreligious types hostile to Jews, too. By the Armenian lobby, I mean people who are also hostile to Armenians, who have shed rivers of Armenian blood. These people do not just shed Turkish blood. They also shed Armenian blood.

There will be no elimination of freewill when the Prophet Jesus (as) comes. He will be in society as someone unable to recall his own past. He will be puzzled. We will think of him as someone who has lost his mental faculties. That is what some people will say. But others will realize from his clothing and behavior that he is someone extraordinary. Later on, he will realize that he is the Prophet Jesus (as). He will have no mother or anyone. They will think he is someone with amnesia. There will be nothing in that to do away with people’s using their freewill. But they will realize he is a prophet from his behavior, actions, successes and miracles. Because if he can heal someone just by rubbing his hand on their face, then he is obviously someone extraordinary. More importantly, he will hear a voice, revealed by Allah, saying he can resurrect someone who died 3 hours or 3 days ago. We will understand in our consciences. We are not compelled to believe. Christians will also follow him. Hazrat Mahdi (as) has also come, but freewill has not been done away with. Why this panic if people are not sure that Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come? The reason they are putting Hazrat Mahdi (as) off for another two centuries is that they are so certain of his coming.

    You cannot stop or kill Hazrat Mahdi (as). The same goes for the Prophet Jesus (as). And for our Prophet (saas). They were unable to touch him. He lived until he was 63. He was surrounded. His enemies’ sole aim was to kill our Prophet (saas). They had all kinds of means and weaponry. And he wore no armor, but spent hours amid the enemy, fighting with his sword, but nobody could hurt him. That is a miracle. And it will be the same with Hazrat Mahdi (as). The fact he cannot be killed and that he is so successful will cause those whose faith is weak to believe.


2010-12-26 18:28:22

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