Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated December 10, 2010

Kocaeli TV, 10 December 2010

There are two things; one is an irreligious, atheistic movement, and a bigoted and reactionary movement. Bigotry and backwardness is a far worse and more sinister danger. Because irreligion cannot affect the people of Anatolia. Neither can it affect the Islamic world. But bigotry and backwardness are very sly, since they appear in the name of Allah, of religion. It has a sly erosive power, a fanatical character. And it generally appears in irreligious section that oppose backwardness. They are also defeated, because they attack religion, in a very foolish manner. The struggle against backwardness can be made with the Qur’an and manifesting the Islam of the Age of Bliss. Our Prophet (saas) waged such a struggle. For example, Hazrat Ali (as) opposed to backwardness, and they martyred him. Hazrat Umar (as) was opposed to it, and they martyred him. One feature of Hassan and Husayn and all the 12 imams is that they opposed backwardness.

This is the first time I saw reactionaries with such a sly power and having such a destructive impact on innocent people… Satanic thinking appears in the form of irreligion or backwardness … but we have broken those two horns of satan, and that is one of our characteristics.

Various reactionary sites acting like satan’s own TV. Pure Muslims can see them when they look. When one talks about Islam one must ask what Allah wants from us. He wants us to think. Allah is infinite intelligence. We look at the cell and we see a glorious harmony and beauty. The collaborative system is flawless, the control system is perfect, and millions of other systems all work like clockwork. We look at fruit, watermelons and apricots and grapes. Their tastes, minerals and vitamins are all of such a nature as to delight us. They emerge from a tiny seed. Allah creates beauty from everything. They try to portray Allah, Who creates these and such beauty, as a Being Who wants to oppress us and make us suffer, may Allah forbid. We ask if we are allowed to laugh, and they say no. Love is forbidden, affection is forbidden, there must be no pleasant words and forgiveness, either. This is a mindset that wants to kill 99% of the world. But the way of the Mahdi (as) is the system that will do away with this. The community of the Mahdi is even now striving against atheist or reactionary society. But the Muslim communities in Turkey are generally very enlightened.

The Knights of the Temple say, "We are in Istanbul." "We know we will meet one of two masters” they say. One of these masters is Hazrat Mahdi (as), and the other is the Prophet Jesus (as). The person they are waiting for is Adon, whom the masons have been awaiting for thousands of years. Hazrat Khidr (as) is a stonemason. Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as) are also stonemasons. The Prophet Jesus (as) is thought of as a carpenter, but this is the fact of the matter. The Prophet Jesus (as) will build the world with Hazrat Mahdi (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) is also an artist. The Prophet Jesus (as) is an artist. He is also a stonemason and an architect. They will build a perfect world. Hazrat Khidr (as) prepared masons for these times. The masons did not know they were being prepared for this task. They only learned the secret later. Hazrat Khidr (as) also prepared the Knights Templar. He prepared them for these days. This is one of the secrets of freemasonry. They believe that Adon will return to Earth in the End Times and that these secrets will be revealed. I will tell them, through verses from the Qur’an, what all the masonic symbols mean, insha’Allah. The signs Aquarius and Pisces appear in the story of Hazrat Khidr and in that of the Prophet Joseph (as). A fish swallows the Prophet Joseph, and he finds himself in the darkness of the fish’s stomach. Masons are also left in a dark room when they first join. They go there and reflect. The Prophet Joseph (as) also reflected in that dark place. There are many symbols and secrets in the Qur’an. Masons are amazed when they see their secrets in the Qur’an. Hazrat Khidr (as) is a stonemason and builds to perfection. Hazrat Khidr (as) keeps secrets very well, and secrecy is also important in freemasonry. They think about secrets, but cannot find them. What is the wisdom behind carved stone assuming the shape of a cube? They think and try to find an answer. There are the pillars of Jachin and Boaz in freemasonry, and they have been pondering their significance for thousands of years. There are two pillars in all mosques, by the pulpit. I will explain in detail what these things mean, these truths in Islam, why freemasonry has adopted them for itself. The six-pointed star is also a masonic symbol, but it is the seal of the Prophet Solomon (as).

Kaçkar TV, 10 December 2010

Surat al-Kahf,
71 - They continued until they boarded a boat and he scuppered it.

He pierces it with a hammer. The hammer is also a masonic symbol. They also carve stone with the hammer. The hammer is very important.
It is a masonic symbol, insha’Allah.

71 - This is truly a dreadful thing that you have done!’
What do my brothers say to me? “Master,” they say, “you said something really astonishing.” And I say this is secret knowledge, ilm al-ladun. I cite the story of the Prophet Abraham (as). I say, “Do not look at the surface.” Bediuzzaman also acted in the light of ilm al-ladun, secret knowledge. I am engaged in a global struggle. Of course I will have a secret and hidden side to me. Anyone looking through the eyes of wisdom will at once see and understand. He will not look just at the surface. But I describe things most explicitly. For one thing, if Hazrat Mahdi (as) exists, then the dajjal (antichrist) and the sufyan exist also. So why should Hazrat Mahdi (as) come? Since I say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) has come he is currently crushing the sufyan (in intellectual terms). What is the sufyan? It is devilry, the way of the antichrist, materialism and Darwinism.

The person who manifests this is Hafez Assad. He was in Damascus, his style fits. What did he do? He demolished the mosques. He forbade mention of Allah. He closed all the religious lodges in Syria. And what did Saddam do under his influence? He ruined everywhere. He had communist party offices opened up everywhere. He made people irreligious and godless and slaughtered Muslims en masse, martyred them. That is the way of the sufyan. But Allah dispatched the way of the sufyan. The system of the Mahdi is now loudly at work. The sufyan cannot be defeated the first moment it appears. It is impossible for the Mahdis in the time of the sufyan to defeat the sufyan. That is why they could not vanquish it. They could not do it, the scholars and the Mahdis of those days. He crushed them. Bediüzzaman also left the sufyan for Hazrat Mahdi (as) to deal with. To be crushed and dispersed intellectually.

The majority may be insane. The majority may think abnormally, but we will think with our own minds. One cannot sit at one’s computer or turn up with one’s friends after death. There are crowds of people around the grave during the funeral ceremony, then the gravediggers start pouring the soil on top. One’s only friends in the icy soil are worms and bacteria. The body starts to swell up minute by minute. Foam appears from the mouth and from a woman’s womb and sexual organ. Even the most attractive men and women end up in that state. It is not a miracle unique to prophets and spiritual guides. This is the normal course of events. There can be no chatting or street talk there, no exchanging messages with friends on Facebook. Perfumes, clothes, designer labels and shoes all remain behind in this world. One’s factories are left behind, too. The workers still turn up at the factory, but the old boss is dead and buried. They give away his possessions. But he is under the ground, with his fingers and his jaw tied together. That happens to everyone who dies. They tear a piece of cloth and tie the person’s jaw shut. To keep the foam and fluids in, but they still get out. Because that is the terrible end that Allah prepares. It is as if some people are mad. At the age of 70-80 they go to parties and say what a great time they had. But they have to take their heart and rheumatism medicine before they go. Most of them have cancer, but they still carry on. They have tumors, but take drugs for them. They have diabetes and their blood sugar levels suddenly soar. They all have a disease of some kind. But they still get dressed up and forget about them. They should be more rational and sensible.


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