The numerological value of Surat Ash-Shu'ara' Verse 4, '...IF WE WISHED WE COULD SEND DOWN A SIGN (MIRACLE) TO THEM FROM HEAVEN...' corresponds to 1976, the year when Mars' first surface photographs were taken.

IF WE WISHED WE COULD SEND DOWN A SIGN (MIRACLE) TO THEM FROM HEAVEN, before which their heads would be bowed low in subjection. (SURAT ASH-SHU’ARA’, 4)

Arabic Pronunciation: In nasha/ nunazzil AAalayhim mina alssama-i ayatan fathallat aAAnaquhum lahakhadiAAeena

If we wished we could send down a sign (miracle) to them from heaven,

İn    neşe'  nunezzil  aleyhim    min   essemai  ayeten

51 + 351 +    144   +     155    +   90  +     193   +   411 = 1395 /with gemination mark; 1395/1976

In the year 1976 the space craft Viking 1 performed its mission to Mars succesfully and sent the first surface photographs to the Earth. With this respect the verse may refer travel to space and discovery of planets. (Allah knows the truth)

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