Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated December 7, 2010

Güneydoğu Olay TV, 7 December 2010

The fact that Almighty Allah has created and appointed such a Minister of Foreign Affairs [Turkish] in the time of the way of the Mahdi in the End Times is one of the explicit signs of this beauty of the End Times, of the growth of the way of the Mahdi and of the dominion of Islam. It could have been the exact opposite. Yet he is a Minister of Foreign Affairs with a perfect harmony, who fully serves the way of the Mahdi, who opens the door to the way of the Mahdi and treats it with moderation, who takes love as his foundation and acts with the spirit of the way of the Mahdi. Look, this is very important. Someone who appears with love, affection, compassion, honesty, goodness and beauty, rather than bloodshed, weapons and oppression. Wherever we look, the spiritual influence of the way of the Mahdi can clearly be seen within that spiritual shadow.

Surat at-Taghabun,

13- Allah – there is no god but Him. So let the believers put their trust in Allah.

Submission to Allah is the greatest luxury in the world. When a person forgets submission to Allah, the world caves in on him. But when he lives by submission, everything is great.

14- You who believe! Some of your wives and children are an enemy to you, so be wary of them. But if you pardon and exonerate and forgive, Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
Family members may sometimes be hostile to one another, and there is no alliance within the family and not everyone thinks in the same way. A father may go to paradise and his son to hell, or a mother to hell and the son to paradise. Whole families do not necessarily go to paradise. The Qur’an says that families may be divided or sometimes may go to paradise in their entirety. He tells us to avoid doing wrong, but He forgives our flaws and does not throw them back in our faces.

Surah Maryam,
15. - Peace be upon him the day he was born, and the day he dies, and the day he is raised up again alive.

Allah created goods and the child in the brain. There is a child and matter on the outside, but the child on the outside is pitch dark and cannot make its voice heard, it can only produce waves. Objects are also pitch black. For example, turkey and rice arrive on the table. Allah creates the smell and taste of that rice in our brains. The rice on the outside is pitch black and has no smell or taste. Smell and taste are perceptions in our brains. Feeling full is also a total perception and is felt in the soul. Like watching a film screen. Things are shown in the cinema and a person goes mad and thinks they are his. He says those children are his, too. If you ask who produced that image, he will say it is no concern of his, may Allah forbid. He says these things are his and came about through his intelligence. You ask who created that intelligence, and he says it is no concern of his either, may Allah forbid. In that event, Allah takes back their minds in the hereafter, as retribution. He takes back His blessings. He shows the kind of environment that will arise in the presence of chance.

68- Your Lord, We will collect them and the satans together. Then We will assemble them around Hell on their knees.
He says He will question them all in the hereafter. First, he makes the unbelievers kneel down in order to break their pride. He makes them kneel around hell. Muslims also come to that region, to the lands of hell, but the unbelievers kneel down. Allah sets the Muslims aside. There is light to the Muslims’ right and in front of them, and an angel to help them at their side. But unbelievers are made to wait on their knees; while Muslims are taken to paradise the unbelievers are kept waiting in the lands of hell.

69- Then We will drag out from every sect the one among them most insolent towards the All-Merciful.
He says he will drag out their real leaders, the most fanatical of them, people such as Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.

71- There is not one of you who will not come to it. That is the final decision of your Lord.
Everyone will enter the lands of hell. It would be wrong for us not to know hell. Allah creates it, so we must know it. Allah takes us there and shows us, saying this is the hell He refers to in the Qur’an. This has happened, but we do not remember it. Allah will show us.

72- Then We will rescue those who had taqwa and We will leave the wrongdoers in it on their knees.
Those with takwa [fear of Allah] are set aside. They know themselves because there is light to their right and left and in front of them. There is an assisting angel beside them, and their souls are taken gently.

74- How many generations We have destroyed before them who had finer furnishings and a better outward show!
People in ancient Egypt and at other times were very showy and well adorned. Kufr engages in a race for goods and possessions in this world. It elevates technology and opportunities in America. It is Allah Who creates America and technology and opportunities. It is Allah Who creates weapons and military power. It is Allah Who creates the atom bomb. If you see what is called the atom bomb on the outside, there is a vibration when the atom bomb is launched, but nothing happens. It is the brain that perceives the atom bomb and its devastating impact. It is the brain that perceives light. For example, when an atom bomb explodes, a brightness like that of daylight is given off. Where? In the brain. Otherwise, it is pitch dark on the outside. No light is given off there when an atom bomb explodes. Nor any heat. Just vibrations. It is Allah Who creates this vibration as heat and light in the brain. And Allah also creates the impact of the atom and all other kinds of bomb.

Kaçkar TV, 7 December 2010

Building the Temple of Solomon is very important. And that is not all. We will also build a masjid next to the tomb of the Prophet Abraham (as). The masjid and tomb of the Prophet Abraham (as) are not well cared for. There is nothing around. We will do away with all those unnecessary buildings. We will open up a garden and a vineyard. A delightful masjid. We will do that. We will build a masjid beside the tomb of the Prophet David (as). It will even encompass that tomb. How can there be no masjid there? They say, “That used to be the palace” in reference to the masjid of the Prophet Solomon (as). Every Muslim home is a masjid. What did the Prophet Solomon (as) do in his palace? He prayed. What did the Muslims there do? They prayed. Everywhere that people pray in is a masjid. By Allah’s leave, the Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) will pray together in that masjid. Those places are holy spots. What we are talking about, however, is the ill-maintained places and the elimination of buildings that have been added on. Masjids should be fine places for people to gather in. We will also build fine places for our Jewish brothers to live in. You cannot have houses where there are tombs of holy prophets. Those places belong to the community. Would it be acceptable for someone to build a house in the garden of the Süleymaniye Mosque [in Istanbul]? No. Not even djinn or satans can have any effect on the Dome of the Rock or the al-Aqsa Mosque. Even if they mine underneath it everywhere it will still not fall down. It is specially maintained by Allah. The hand that tries to demolish it will be broken, whoever tries to tear it down. It is specially protected by Allah, so that is impossible. We will construct a large, impressive masjid of Solomon, covered in gold, insha’Allah. I saw the tomb of the Prophet Abraham (as) and was really upset. Open it up and build a fine dome there. Really bright and shiny. Use gold there rather than somewhere else. All the tombs of the prophets must have golden domes; 24 carat gold.

And devout Jews have been living for thousands of years, some 3 thousand years under oppression. Even during the times of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and ever since then, they have been living under very difficult conditions.  Nobody believed in the Prophet Moses (pbuh) out of fear. Allah says, “No one believed in Moses except for a few youths from among his people.”  People were afraid of the deep state and the system of the dajjal [antichrist] of the time who would take them to court, put them in prison, kill them or hang and quarter them. So, they kept Moses (as).  Only a handful of youngsters from his tribe followed him. We will revive the Jews with Allah’s permission.  They will achieve unlimited wealth and unlimited freedom all over the world with Allah’s will. They will witness the love, protection and affection of Islam. All the wonderful beautiful things indicated in the verses will take place and they will take shelter in Islam en masse, with the will of Allah.

We will find the Ark of the Prophet Moses (as). A verse says the angels are bearing it. What does that mean? You cannot find it. They cannot find it if they seek it. So who will find it? Hazrat Mahdi (as). They will be amazed and say, “We passed by it so many times, but never saw it.” The Israelis are building tunnels under the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque. They have gone deep underground and looked everywhere. They are using electronic equipment to look for it, as that is where they think the Ark is. Look, Allah tells us the secret. He says that angels are bearing it. You cannot find it if the angels are carrying it. It is Muhammad Mahdi who will find it. Gabriel, Micheal and Israfel are by it. Allah tells us, and out Prophet (saas) tells us by divine revelation: They are constantly beside it, the great angels, the archangels. The matter will end when they speak.

When Hazrat Mahdi (as) passes on we will say, “May he rest in peace.” “May our Lord make him one of the dwellers in paradise,” we will say, insha’Allah. But the Prophet Jesus (as) will be at work, and he will perform the funeral rites, insha’Allah. The death of Hazrat Mahdi (as) will not affect Muslims that much. It will not have that damaging an impact since the Prophet Jesus (as) will be at work. But they will have troubles after the death of the Prophet Jesus (as), may Allah forbid. After that there will be constant degeneration, especially after Hijri 1506. There will be a climate of struggle. Equilibrium will be disturbed after Hijri 1508, and that will get worse until 1543. May Allah forbid. There will be secret defeats. There will be terror between 1543 and 1548, there will be no more Muslims. Our Prophet (saas) says they will couple like asses. They will kill and slaughter and butcher one another. They will tear buildings, mosques and tombs down. They will be mad and psychopathic. There will be no more mothers, fathers, brothers or families. They will leave no Qur’an, hadiths or anything. There will be no more religious faith. They will say, “So what happened to the Day of Judgment? That was all nonsense.” There will be a huge impact in the afternoon, the evening. A huge quake after the first impact. A force 10 earthquake. They will pour onto the streets. The quake will not stop. The mountains will start to dissolve away, to flatten out. Children’s hair will turn white. Children’s souls will be taken first. They will wander round like dead people. Angels will suddenly descend. The sky will cleave open, and black space will appear. There will be a second impact, and another. The Earth will begin revolving backward.

There will be pain after Hazrat Mahdi (as). But since the Prophet Jesus (as) is here he will lift it entirely. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will also make preparations for that. Our Prophet (saas) says, “he will die suddenly, of no natural cause.” But after he has done his work. Once we have global dominion and everywhere is at ease, his death will be imminent, that is what that means. There will be no more reason for him to remain on Earth. Allah will not wish to keep him here when paradise is incomparably more perfect. For example, if you have a guest coming, would you rather put him up in a slum or a palace? A slum is out of the question. That is why he says that Allah will take His beloved Mahdi back, once he has done his work.


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