The detailed structure of the stomach

We attain the fundamental materials required for the life-sustaining activities such as the renewal of our cells and the function of our organs, by means of various food and beverages. Yet, each food we consume has to be dissolved into these basic materials in order to be used in our bodies as a result of fundamental changes. During this process, stomach has a very significant role. The stomach, which is itself indeed a type of meat, releases a type of acid in order to digest meat – yet it never mistakenly digests itself. In order to provide this, there is a particular system created in the stomach.

How does the acid strong enough to digest a razor become inactive in the stomach?

Stomach has a very splendid structure where each stage serves a complex purpose. The food we consume reaches the stomach after passing through the gullet. The digestion process is different than that of mouth. In stomach, very strong acids are activated. As soon as the food reaches the stomach down from the gullet; the cells on the surface of the stomach start to release plasma called gastric acid. At the same time, chemical digestive liquids called pepsin and hydrochloric acid are also released. These acids are strong enough to digest a razor blade. These acids have to exist in order to digest the hard-to-digest materials such as proteins. However, there is a very significant detail, here. The stomach itself is consisted of proteins. Then, how come an acid capable of digesting a razor blade does not harm the stomach’s itself, at all?

This is one of the unique examples of creation in human body. The stomach does not digest itself, thanks to its indented structure. In the deep indents of the stomach walls, there are cells having features different than one another. In a very fine-tuned balance, while the particular cells are releasing acids, the other cells around them release a kind of sticky plasma. This plasma called “Mucus” covers the surface of the stomach and protects the stomach wall against the acids like a shield; and thus it prevents enzymes to hurt stomach. Mucus not only prevents the proteolytic enzymes from entering into the cells, as well as the viruses causing infection and other microorganisms; but also eases the movement of foods in the canal and thus functions as a lubricant.

Stomach Acid is Strong Enough to Pierce a Carpet

How do these proceedings happen and how is this protective environment formed in the stomach? Could it be possible that the cells in the stomach decide to produce these materials on their own and that somehow they discovered the formula of these protective materials? Let us consider what the cells might need in order to be able to do so:

First of all, in order to produce these materials required for digestion, some particular cells must be aware of that food need to be digested. The same cells must know that they would actually need a material such as acid for the digestion. Later on, they need to find the formula of the most suitable type of acid and then start production in accordance with this formula. For the production of protective material, some cells need to determine that this acid might hurt the stomach itself and then need to examine the samples they collected from the acids in the lab and thus need to develop a formula to stop the effect of the acid. In the meanwhile, even a single drop of this acid, is strong enough to pierce the carpet. Therefore, a single mistake in the formula would result in that the stomach would be digested by the acids completely.

It is for sure that the formation of the materials stabilizing one another in the stomach is not that easy, at all. Finding the correct formula for the materials is a significantly difficult issue, on its own. Nevertheless, it is not possible for a cell – so tiny that even the eye can’t see- to develop chemical formulas and thus to form materials by compounding these formulas. It would be irrational to claim that a cell consisted of unconscious atoms is capable of having such a reasoning and talent.

Besides, even if we accept being irrational and assume that the acid in the stomach is somehow formed; it will be impossible to expect the formation of the stabilizing material in time. This is because, the acids that are strong enough to digest a razor blade would destroy the stomach’s itself in a very short time. Therefore, it would be impossible to expect the acids waiting in the stomach not only for millions of years but also even for 2 or  3 days. (Harun Yahya, Miracle of Man)

Any changes that might happen in our body system would cause the distortion of all complex systems, the incapability of performing duties fully and sometimes it would result in damaging the body. Nonetheless, thanks to the wonderful creation by Our Lord, these proceedings continue constantly and regularly and within a great harmony. All these proceedings are only one of the innumerable examples of the perfect creation and order in Allah’s supreme creation.

Allah created the human body in the most perfect way as a whole: In a verse of the Holy Quran:


"To Him be glory throughout the heavens and the earth: and He is Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom!." (Surah Al-Jathiyya, 37)

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