Abdullah Gül: We are the biggest partner of Turkmenistan

What He Said?What Happened?

Kuşadası TV, July 14,2008

Adnan Oktar:  If Konya, İzmir, Adana – May Allah forbid- were separate from us and we said “we are brothers, how can such a thing happen. We should come together.” And if someone said “ That is very utopic, could this ever happen, there is no such a thing, these are separate”; is there any reason in that? No. Similarly, there is no reason in our being separate from Turkic countries. We have the same religion, same language and same race. We are all the same. Our culture, our grannies, our customs…There is no reason for separation. Therefore, passports have to be removed among Turkic countries and Islamic countries; visas have to be abolished, as well. People should come and go as they please. Business should be at ease, connections as well. This happens in European Union, why not in Turkish Islamic Union? In European Union, people go to the country they want and settle down. They don’t use passport or visas. So, why do we, the brothers, not do this?

Sabah, November 12, 2010

Prime Minister Gul stated that in Turkmenistan 600 Turkish companies undertook a business amounting 19 billion dollars. He added, “In terms of commerce and investments, we are the greatest partner of Turkmenistan.”

Sabah, November 13, 2010

Prime Minister of the Republic Abdullah Gul stated that both in commerce and direct investments the greatest partner of Turkmenistan is Turkey. He added: “My visit will be a very important opportunity in reshaping a common vision towards the future in the light of the past and deepening friendship, brotherhood  and affection between the two countries .”

2011-01-16 13:54:30

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