Elite language is an essential of politics

What He Said?What Happened?
Gaziantep Olay TV, 31 August 2010          

Adnan Oktar: It is tiresome to watch the intense language of politicians. Best of all is to be single-sided, and calm. Such a tense environment might be wanted by some members of parties but in this short life, in this occasion of test, it will not be a nice to use such language to one another when we know that Allah sees and hears us. Leaders are being examined as well. Every word they say and every act they do, will be asked from them in the Judgment Day. Gentleness is always good.

Sabah, 08 November 2010

 “Having the moral of politics and having an elite language are essentials of politics” said Tayyip Erdoğan, and added that “without having an elite wording, the democracy will not improve”.

2011-01-19 20:13:22

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