Mesopotamia is uniting

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Başkent TV, 13 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: To begin with, Turkish Islamic union supports peace, love, brotherhood, affection, cooperation, courage and self-sacrifice. Turkish nation is a long suffering nation, and seeking for duty. This nation has such an experience from regulating three continents. It has a state experience and has an experience of being an empire. We want to bring out this experience to govern the whole region as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic union, and everyone wants that to happen. Syrians want that, Iraqis want it, Egyptians want it, Iranians want it, even Armenia wants it, Azerbaijan wants it, Turkistan wants it, East Turkistan wants it, and everyone wants that to happen. That is to say, everyone trusts the justice of Turks, rationalism of Turks, self-sacrifice of Turks, and the Turkish army is loved all around the world.

Yeni Şafak, 05 November 2010

“In transportation, we are thinking of outstanding moves. We plan to carry the railway from Hedjaz to Istanbul and from there to London. Turkey is becoming the biggest trading partner of Syria. We already have similar approaches in Jordan and Lebanon. We will have a meeting with these four countries. After adding Iraq, as soon as the government of Iraq is established there will be economical area having 5 parts. Mesopotamia, and big old and rich Levant are uniting.”

2011-01-23 14:30:02

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