Highlights from Adnan Oktar's interview dated January 21, 2011

Kocaeli TV, 21 January 2011


[Question:] "Could you provide some information about the bigot who attacks Hazrat Mahdi (as)?

  • Will that bigot come to his senses, or else will he fall into his own trap? There are statements in the hadiths to the effect that this person will be neutralized. But he appears to be a most savage and devilish creature. Our Prophet (saas) does not speak of unimportant matters. If there is something extraordinary, then he will speak of it. That means he is a satan in human form. He will behave like a Muslim and look like one with his beard and robe and turban. People will imagine he is a Muslim, but they will fail to recognize him. He will deceive people using the name of Allah. People will also fail to recognize the dajjal (antichrist), or the sufyan. People will not recognize then even though the signs are visible. And he will become very strong and wage a huge campaign against Hazrat Mahdi (as). He will behave like that, with satanic intelligence. Bediuzzaman also says that hypocrites have a satanic intelligence. He says they make good use of the armor of religious devotion. He says that the antichrist has neutralized many teachers with his cunning and knowledge. This bigot will neutralize most people with his cunning and knowledge. They will not see him since they do not look with the luminosity of faith. Allah has made him so obvious that even a 5-year-old could spot him. But they do not understand. This is a miracle. In the future they will be amazed how they failed to identify him.


  • That is how it is with the sufyan and the antichrist. They made Hafez Assad and Saddam their cornerstones. They failed to understand. Saddam used to put a skullcap on and pray. The public were literally hypnotized. But he was all show. Such types are evil. That is why people do not try to stand up to them. Let’s just get on with them, they say. But if people chose to try and have good relations with them, that will do great harm to Islam. They never think of that. Bediüzzaman says of the sufyan that though he has no followers, he will be thought to be a very strong force because of his cunning and intelligence. It is the same with this creature who will be in Istanbul. He is being increasingly forced into a corner but is trying to continue with his activities with the satanic followers who support him. So what is to be done? We must simply warn people. If Muslims ignore something despite seeing it quite explicitly then they will be duly astonished at it in the Hereafter. Failure to recognize the sufyan, the antichrist and satan is a miracle of the End Times. You cannot just say let sleeping dogs lie. That would result in a phenomenon you never even imagined. Grave harm could befall Islam and Muslims. Even if you say you are ignoring the matter, we still understand and tell people about it, insha’Allah. Those who ignore it are in the same position as those who support it. If they still insist on supporting it, that is their business. Scholars in Turkey have nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone knows the real vile creatures. My brothers are spotless. What I am describing is being done abroad and by no more than 4-5 people. Just a handful, no more. But they are spreading poison

2011-01-27 10:00:44

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