The features of Mosquito Eggs

•    Why is it important that mosquito eggs which, when first laid, are of bright yellow color turn into black with the first rays of morning?

•    Which method do the mosquito species with eggs that have cone-shaped pockets employ so that their eggs do not submerge in water due to these pockets?


Female mosquitoes lay around 40-200 eggs at a time and leave them on water. There are species that lay their eggs every three weeks. The mosquito eggs have different features varying according to the habitat of the species, enemies existent in the environment or the possible dangers. Some are meticulously packed while others are attached tightly to a place or supported with air bags to prevent them from sinking.

Eggs that are Camouflage Masters

Eggs remain utterly vulnerable once the mother mosquito leaves them. When they are first laid they become easy preys since they have a bright yellow color that is immediately recognized. There are many enemies awaiting them. However mosquito eggs have a very important feature. The colors that are laid at night turn to black with the first lights of the morning. This way they are efficiently camouflaged against bugs and birds.

According to the location they are in, some mosquito species such as the anopheles also change their colors. Indeed when larva is put into a black or white environment they immediately absorb these colors.

No doubt neither the egg nor the larva and nor the mother mosquito that once underwent the same stages are aware of this color change. Mosquito larvae are totally unaware of the enemies surrounding them, and they remain all alone and vulnerable. However this state does not pose a problem for them for Allah grants them the most appropriate protection. Pigments in the egg or larva shells get into action with the sun rays and take in a darker color to make camouflage.

With the photons coming from the sun or under the influence of the environment in which it remains changing colors is quite a complex chemical process and the information of this system is previously placed within the cells of the egg shell. All chemical and physical processes take place in all mosquito larvae without exception. All these features draw us to a single conclusion.

It is All-Mighty Allah Who creates this delicate process to protect the larva when needed. All Mighty Allah is the One Who knows all kinds of creation. In one verse it is related thus:


“That is Allah, your Lord. There is no god but Him, the Creator of everything. So worship Him. He is responsible for everything.” (Surat al-An‘am, 102)

Disc Eggs that do not sink

The eggs of culex, a genus of mosquito, have a concavity in the shape of cone in its bottom. At first sight the function of this concavity may not be comprehended. However in the latter stages of the egg’s development one of its important functions appears. This concavity functions as a lifebuoys and ensures that the egg floats.

However the existence of the concavity poses a serious problem: in the case of an overturn of the egg, it is very easy for this “lifebuoy” to become dysfunctional. For this reason when left over the water alone the egg can not float for a long time. In case of the slightest tremor it stumbles over and overturns. In this state the hole filled with water at its bottom makes it sink. However in order for the eggs to survive, they need to remain over the water without sinking. In such a case what kind of a measure would you take?

Mosquitoes employ the most rational method to solve this problem and stick the eggs to one another. Eggs attached to one another side by side in a shape of a disc constitute a natural raft floating over the water. This disk approximately 11 mm in diameter can float easily over the water. The air in the concavity under the eggs and among them function as airbag and keeps the disc above the water. If such a rational method were not employed eggs would sink and simply die. However this detail on the egg’s shape prevents this peril from the onset and ensures security. It is clearly seen that under the inspiration of Allah the mosquito acts in the most accurate and prudent manner. It is Allah Who grants this feeling to the mosquito.

Allah relates in the Qur’an that everything is submissive to Him:


Everyone in the heavens and earth belongs to Him. All are submissive to Him. It is He Who originated creation and then regenerates it. That is very easy for Him. His is the most exalted designation in the heavens and the earth. He is the Almighty, the All-Wise. (Surat ar-Rum, 26-27)

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