Surat Al-Jumu'a, 11 (Hypocrites are after their interest)


(Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview dated September 18, 2010)

But when they see a chance of trade or entertainment they scatter off to it and leave you standing there. Say: ‘What is with Allah is better than trade or entertainment. Allah is the Best of Providers.’ (Surat Al-Jumu‘a, 11)

Hypocrites are after their interests. First, they aim for getting property, possessions and finances, they watch over those ways. They abstain from everything that would prevent him from this. When he is near the Muslims, he thinks, “These conditions would harm me,” and says, “let me run away from here.” He wants to flee even towards a cave, a house, or any place under the earth, he wants to run off in any case and there he plans his future. Hypocrites want to get rich with possessions and children

2011-01-30 20:27:18

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