Surat Sad, 6-7 (Hypocrites think of themselves as pioneers)

(Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview dated September 18, 2010)

We have not heard of this in the old religion. This is merely something contrived. (Surat Sâd, 6-7)

One characteristic of hypocrites is they always consider themselves to be pioneers, they all have internet websites. Not one likes the other, not one abides by the other or holds him in esteem. They carry on as though they are in their old religion, but until when? Allah reveals they do not give up “until their hearts are cut to shreds” (Surat at-Tawba, 110). It is not because they love this, but they know that bigotry and zealotry are the best methods as an internal blow to religion. It is easy to destroy a castle from within, and hypocrites turn what is halal (lawful) into haram (unlawful) and they take all precautions to remove joy and love. People turn into such a state that their minds get frozen, their brains are stuck and they say they cannot live by that religion. This is the method of satan, it attacks in a way to turn things into an impasse and tries to strike from inside.

2011-01-31 11:58:35

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